Sep 07 2006

Joe Lieberman Trouncing Lamont

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As I predicted many times before (here and here and here and here), some of the polls coming out after the CT primary were a bit too optimistic. Now another Poll confirms the initial Qinnipiac numbers (and my analysis of the other polls) to show Joe Lieberman trouncing Ned “Runaway” Lamont:

Lieberman leads on the ballot by a significant 51%-35% margin. Ned Lamont has failed to capitalize on his narrow Democratic primary win, and now trails Senator Lieberman by a 51%-35% margin, with Republican Alan Schlesinger a distant third with 4% of the vote. It is significant to note that Senator Lieberman is over 50% in a three-way race – an impressive number, indeed.

The KosKids must be besides themselves in anger – spewing like they always do. The cut and run crows truly is a minority within a minority.

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  1. MerlinOS2 says:


    You have to remember they are still shellshocked by THE PLAME, THE PLAME.

    In furthur news Armitage is all the news, like 3 year old liverwurst.

    Tastes funny and really messes up your regularity.