Jul 02 2005

Court of Panic

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The more and more I read about the liberal reactions to the O’Connor retirement the more calm I become about how this will play out. The liberals are in a crazed panic mode. Their worlds are about to fall apart. Mark Coffey at Decision ’08 and The Kommissar have some great commentary from the liberal fringe (which is now the core of the democrat party). While these people are running around doing a fine chicken-little impression, the MSM is barely containing themselves, as we can detect in this NYTimes editorial that seems to show a hint of panic itself:

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement is going to trigger an enormous political collision. This is one time when it’s not an overstatement to say that the choice of her successor could have an effect on the nation for generations to come. But as critical as the coming fight is, it would be a shame for the combatants to come out swinging before Americans had a chance to reflect on the career and contribution of the woman who is leaving the bench. In fact, the more time we spend thinking about this sensible, pragmatic jurist, the better. Perhaps it will convince President Bush that he can best serve the country, and his own party, by nominating a new justice with the same values.

Of course, this tactical attempt to force the GOP and everyone else to use O’Connor as the gold standard is really a bad move. Janice Rogers Brown could be considered the same type of person in many ways. And you can simply respond to anyone saying she is not enough like O’Connor by reminding them we are all unique. There are no clones of O’Connor out there. Anyway, more sense of panic from the editorial

We are, in fact, beginning to miss her already as we envision the bitter confirmation battle that will take place if President Bush nominates a hard-line conservative to replace her. Senate Democrats, who have been willing to block ideologues nominated to the lower courts, will certainly do everything they can to prevent a right-wing ideologue from joining the nation’s highest court.

That’s it folks. Anyone who holds strong, religion based convictions, need not apply. Otherwise the end of the world is upon us! So sayeth the Gospel of St NYTimes.

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  1. It must be an amazing view from the left

    I’m not willing to concede much of anything to the left, but I will give them this; they’re ballsey. Let’s look at just a few recent examples.
    Take the Democratic Senators re-invention of “Advice and Consent”. This movin…

  2. ArizonaSun says:

    The senate democrats, or their leaders rather, are counting on the appropriate treatment from the media. They expect that the media will interpret a mainstream conservative as somewhere between the two parties, but it is not.

    Look at the polls on abortion and same sex marriage. The middle of the road is the conservative position. And this is true on other issues as well, which is why republicans win elections at the state and national levels. The democrats that win are far more conservative than the national party, but change when they cross the state line.

    I also find it interesting that the “leaders” of the party who may campaign for president (Clinton, Biden) are not to be found on these critical issues. And that is disturbing.