Sep 02 2006

Democrats Verses Our Troops

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While the Democrats like to say how much the support our troops, it would make a lot more sense if the lefties would (a) support the troops succeeding and (b) stop demanding the troops run away from our fights. So while Dem Pols can delude themselves with self serving sound bites, the truth is coming home in the nation’s signature election this year:

An independent group, Vets for Freedom, will begin sponsoring television commercials for Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, thanking him for his support of the war in Iraq.

This should have been expected by those on the left, except they are so blind by their Bush hatred they fail to see a lot these days. When America sees those who sacrificed for us, who risked life and limb, who lost life and limb, standing by Joe Leiberman and against Ned Lamont the reality of this election will sink in. Only a camera starved politician would continue to disrespect the views of our troops and tell them they need to turn tail and run after all they have been doing in Iraq and elsewhere. You don’t ask these people to go out and do what they need to do and then crumble on them when it get’s hard near the end (and it always gets tough when you have the bad guys cornered – remember the Battle of the Bulge?).

Ned Lamont will telling America we need to quit while our troops will be applauding Joe Lieberman for letting them finish their mission. And the great image of the soldier taking the flag from the fireman on 9-11 and saying “I’ll take it from here” is still seared in the minds of our military. They took on a job after 9-11 and they are not done. And all the whining by the lefties is not going to change their minds, and their fortitude and commitment will lead the nation’s decisions this election year. The Democrats are alinged against the troops, so say the troops. It is time they made themselves heard. We as a nation owe it to them to listen to them, given all they have done for us.

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  1. roonent1 says:

    You are spot on. The donks like to say they support the troops but not the mission. Yet, the donks do EVERYTHING they can to undermine the troops, will accuse them of atrocities without knowing the facts and can not illuminate errors in judgment the troops make fast enough. The donks also like to make moral comparisons between our great troops and the terrorists and insurgents they are fighting.

    The donks think we are all stupid and do not see this. They think our great troops are to ignorant to understand the double speak game they are playing. Well, I got news for the donks, the only ignorant and stupid people I see all look like jackasses to me.

    The american people and our great troops will remember your disloyalty to our military and will vote accordingly this Nov. Pelosi and Reid, I would not pack your bags yet because you will not be “moving on up” anytime soon.

  2. Ken says:

    sorry AJ but the US troops in Iraq do NOT have the
    optimistic resiliency about their mission you wish they had.
    the majority want out by December if Iraq is not pacified
    by then; only 37% agree with Bush’s “stay the course” policy.

  3. AJStrata says:


    You\’re now a mind reader? LOL!

  4. MerlinOS2 says:

    For those who have served and those who still do, hangouts include such places as BlackFive, the Ace of Spades and the Castle Arrrgh. I will take the milblogs and my own personal contacts over any poll no matter how the political winds blow.

    From my own experience, I did not detect even rejection of the war footing in Viet Nam on the scale some polls have said about Iraq and that was a whole different ballgame with a lot more body bags.

    Go to any off base liquid refreshment establishment or military hospital treating the wounded and let me give you a chance to recreate these polls.

    In fact I have only seen this one referenced poll and I questioned it then.

  5. roonent1 says:

    Zogby is the used car salesman of polling. He is the most biased and unreliable pollster there is, especially anything to do with the middle east. Zogby has a dog in the fight with the middles east IMO and his bias is very evident with that.

    Isn’t Zogby tied to CAIR?

    Maybe if the simple explanation is above your head, I will state it clearer, Zogby is an extension of the DNC. Maybe he once was a respected pollster but that has gone out the door a long time ago.

  6. DubiousD says:

    BTW, Vets for Freedom have been getting their share of hate mail, even before they took up Lieberman’s banner.

  7. For Enforcement says:

    I personally don’t think you can “support the troops” but not the mission. How would you do that? ” Hey GI, I hope you have a good day today, but I hope you miss those guys you’re shooting at.” Something like that? Yeah, there are some disgruntled Military people, there are disgruntled employees in every business. Some people are gonna hate and disagree with the boss. That’s just human nature. But I can’t believe the majority of military people that have put so much into Iraq, would want to give up and have the USA lose another war. To quote Mark Steyn: “America is the only country that when the troops get 6 feet into the country they are invading, the anti war crowd starts screaming for an Exit plan.” My exit plan: Kill the insurgents, stabilize the government in I raq, give them what support they need and exit the remainder.
    Zogby: he was more right than other polls one time and got a reputation from that. But since then, his polls are way to biased. In fact, that one time he was too biased and that’s how he happened to be more right, accidently, that time.
    Support the troops and the mission, the dems don’t and they will pay for it.

  8. Terrye says:


    In the last election 75% of the troops in Iraq supported Bush, or so the polls said, only 1/4 supported Kerry. Now what does that tell you?Maybe they were not as impressed his performance all those years ago calling American soldiers murderers and rapists.. as some other people were.

    Zogby asked questions like, would you rather stay in Iraq and die or go home and see your family again….it is called push polling.

  9. pull says:

    The Left are saying the exact same thing they said in the 60s. Everyone younger then that are just babyboomer minions. College kids too clueless and naive to out think their professors and the media.

    Did the hippies support the troops, really? They supported the Viet Cong.

    The Left today supported Saddam and his troops and now they support the Sunni terrorists.

    We all know this.

    These guys are on the other side.

    Whatever good there is, they are against it. That is the ultimate politics.

  10. Mark_for_Senate says:

    Hey Ken,
    If Zogby or any other polling station revealed that 84% of all respondents thought that you were a vastly mis-informed leftard with a paranoid delusional disorder who’s world view is profoundly wrong bordering on dangerous, would you seek professional help?
    Personally, I believe you should.