Aug 31 2006

Liberal Wet Dream

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The liberal media and the far left fringe are so immature it is ridiculous. This can be see daily in with their pentiant for gutter mouth commentary, their obsession with sexual innuendo and their fantasizing about getting Bushitler. But a movie that explores ‘the possibilities’ (my quotes, no one elses) that could reverberate from the assassination of President George Bush is simply too much. Americans may have their doubts about things, but we do not want another assassinated President. This will kill the democrats who will have to come out strongly against this and alienate the radical far left. If not they will lose the center. Either way they lose. It is only a question of whether they lose with honor or the jump into the fevered swamps.

This movie appears to be something of a threatening warning to Bush and America. It seems to say “change course or look what could happen”. It is as close to a horse head in bed as you can get (for those who know the Godfather movies). Well, Saddam and Bin Laden and others have sent the same message.

Update: All you need to know about this waste of celluloid is a part of the main premise:

The 90 minutes feature explores who could have planned the murder, with a Syrian-born man wrongly put in the frame.

Yeah, we wrongly assumed it was a terrorist attack. So did the UK when it foiled the Airline Bombing Plot – it really was not a ring of Muslim fanatics who are now under arrest. Brilliant [sarcasm on max]. More here, with contact information on the film’s creators.

Michelle has the round up started.

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  1. President Bush Assassinated In New Movie…

    Drudge is calling it shocking. Nothing is shocking anymore. I would call it typical. After seeing all of the kooky 911 conspiracies and terrorist sympathy in the world something like this is only the natural next step.
    This is the dramatic momen…

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    At risk of repeating myself from earlier posts, but I noted it would get worse before November.

    I look at where we are now, and shudder to think of what the political attack ads will look like as the elections draw closer.

    As I have stated before, I am a pragmatic realist who is not very political, but observes the situation to determine how it may impact my “capitalist tool” positioning.

    Having said all that, my noticed trend is that we may be seeing the first glimers of the lefts tacit admission that they realize despite their bravado not having their message reach achieving the intended impact. The can’t believe that their world view should not be accepted as “moral wisdom by default” that should be inherently obvious to the most casual observer.

    I detect a bit of early panic that they are being less than secure in their belief that they will carry the day by virtue of their superior position.

    So far I see jello starting to quiver, no severe fault cracks in the iceberg. However if they don’t detect some sort of positive sign soon to justify their self soldarity, we could be in for some interesting times.

    Even the left has to have in their back of their minds the potential repercusions of another election rejection. Right now they have been in addrenelin denial, but they may have peaked too early.

    Of course all this is only noticed by those that are already by disposition politically aware. However many in the electorate miss this classification.

    How effective each side is in getting out their message to those not already in the choir will as always be the deciding factor.

    Of course even more important is how the undecided voters and moderates view their life situation and what if any risks they perceive that threaten their lifeview.

    We will have to wait and see the outcome, there is not a confirmed way to peek under this early season Christmas tree.

  3. A Liberals Wet Dream…

    The left never ceases to amaze me. Many of the more fringe on the left believe that 9/11 was a planned Government operation. Ok, we can usually dismiss these guys because they are…well, just plain nuts. But then something like this comes along…

  4. Also, what these idiots conveniently overlook is that if Bush were to die, Cheney would become President…

    I would think that alone would dissuade any intelligent terrorist from even thinking of such an option.

  5. Dead President:…

    Since it appears that the US–and the world–will have Bush until 2009, many BDS sufferers–including UK screenwriters–are fantasizing about more drastic means to end GWB’s tenure ASAP: assassination. “[Death of a President] explores who could have …

  6. Webloggin says:

    UK "Drama" Depicts the Assassination of President Bush…

    The filmmaker snuck it in under the covers by shortening the name to the initials "D.O.A.P." as shown on the lineup. Yup, the sniveling piece of crap is too scared to list the full name so he does the typical liberal thing and hides behind an…

  7. DubiousD says:

    I have long been of the opinion that if the Democrats do not recapture the House in 2006, the mantra among the looney Left will no longer be “Impeach Bush” but “Assassinate Bush”.

    Perhaps this is a taste of what is yet to come.

  8. Terrye says:


    Yeah… they are stupid. They do not begin to understand how the government even works. How many Republicans would they have to kill before a Demcorat would take office? I shudder to think.

    This is tacky, it really is. And coming from a bunch of self righteous paccifists it is extremely hypocritical.

  9. "Assassination chic returns"…

    From Bryan Preston:This is where we are in the defense of civilization right now–fighting off actual terrorists slaughtering innocents for Islam and Western intellectual terrorists who just can’t stand the thought that a Republican is presi…

  10. Barbara says:


    You are right. This is a liberal wet dream and it will backfire on the libs. The libs have been very careful to not let mainstream America see their hate filled agenda. This will be on television. Therefore everyone will see and maybe wake up to the danger these people represent.

    The movie is in such appalling bad taste it is unbelievable. I hated Clinton with everything in me, but I never wished him dead. I hope that I am mature enough to understand that presidents are elected every four years and no more than eight. If people are patient they another chance and another after that and so on to elect someone else. And what would they do if Cheney becomes president.? He is much more agressive than Bush and will maybe run for president in 2008. That would make the left howl. Be careful what you wish for.

  11. ThinkingMeat says:

    Wingers going nuts over fiction…

    Well, it’s the silly season again. Of course, with the radical right, when isn’t it the silly season?

    AJ Strata is having hysterics over a BBC television movie that will air next year, which portrays the fictional aftermath of the fictio…

  12. Barbara says:

    Another thing. Is that James Carville holding a man in the lower left of the picture of Bush being shot? My hero!!!!! Mark my words, the killer will not be a terrorist or anyone on the left. That would not promote the left’s agenda at all. It will be a so called right wing nut. The left will be absolutely innocent of any wrong doing, but only, of course, in this picture.

  13. pull says:

    The initial claims present it not as a “Kill Bush” cultural product, but as another “what if” docudrama like “Dirty War”, about a dirty bomb going off in London.

    As far as presidential assassinations go… from that perspective… a hard core Communist killed Kennedy. What happened? Did we become an anti-Communist nation? Did anybody say, “This is what Communism does”? Did we start teaching our kids about the tens of millions slaughtered by Communism?

    But, it is obvious these guys are lying from the rest of the article and other evidence. They are part of the “Kill Bush” culture. They want to murder those who are conservative — that is they deeply hate those who wish to keep the good of what we have in the Free World.

    As long as we exist, they have a conscience. As long as we exist, they have to have some degree of guilty for their incredibly deep wrong ways. At least, that is what they tell themselves. Truth is, even if there was not another Christian or Jew alive… they would still be wrong.

    As for us, we have to continue to suffer their abuse and hatred of all reason and of what is right. We have to listen to their outrages and bear with the amazingly massive conceit.

  14. Death of Civility…

    Thanks to Stop the ACLU The UK’s BBC Channell 4 is going to run a docudrama about the assassination of our President. In Death Of A President, which will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival later this month (SEPT)before being…

  15. […] jokes and Bill Maher. Now, finally here comes the main course, the piece de resistance (or what AJ Strata refers to – correctly – as a Bush-hater’s wet dream): The Assassination of President Bush […]