Aug 31 2006

Governator “Vill Be Baack”

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Looks like the Governator is ready to terminate another Democrat challenger with a 13 point lead over Angelides in the latest poll. Where is this anti-rep, anti-incumbent tide?

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  1. granitroc says:

    As a conservative, I wish I could say I am enthusiastic about Schwartnegger but two recent events have really given me pause. Not that I plan to vote for Angelides, but I definitely don’t plan to provide any financial support this time round.

    The governator’s signing of a Kyoto type piece of legislation is outrageous. It will represent a hidden tax upon every Californian. Even more deeply troubling is legislation he signed that will withold state funding for any institution that doesn’t promote the gay agenda. This is simply outrageous.

    These two actions will not go down well with republicans and although the alternative would be disastrous, republicans in this state have been notorious for sitting on their hands and not voting when we have a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

    It really is the worst of all worlds. I will hold my nose on election day, but I won’t like it

  2. AJStrata says:


    Its Arnold or Angelides. Any lack of support for Arnold provides an opening for much worse.

    I plan a post closer to the elections reminding cons and reps that it has only been 4 years of Rep-Con control of the federal government. The idea of letting the dems undo everything in a fit of impatience is ridiculous. The country is just now getting used to the idea of conservative government. If things are not going as well as we wish – MAKE BETTER ARGUMENTS (not shouting at you of course). Don’t complain and fret and sit out – redouble your efforts.

    Clinton proved ‘perfect’ is the evil of ‘good enough’. Fool me once….

  3. Terrye says:

    One thing I have noticed is that while conservatives complain about Arnold they have shown him little support since he got in office. In other words he has been forced to govern without their input because they are all pouting. When his initiatives went to a vote and were crushed I think I read that voter turn out was very low. So maybe he is just working with the people who will work with him. After all it is California.

  4. granitroc says:

    Why would conservatives support Arnold or his initiatives? His policies and initiatives are more like democrat ones (that is, before democrats became so extreme). His initiatives would have Increased State Spending not reduce it, as conservaties wanted. It was opposed by the democrats and defeated because it would have put a crimp on the Rate of Spending Increases.

    Remember, Arnold was the conservative savior to get another extreme liberal out of office, Gray Davis (the previous governor recalled by the voters). Conservatives realized that Arnold’s money and name recognition would prevail over Gray Davis. AND ANYONE WAS BETTER THAN GRAY. But NO ONE, NOT EVEN CONSERVATIES, ever believed Arnold was going to govern from the right (though they secretly hoped he would).

    When Governor Davis was recalled, the sentimental conservative candidate was McClintock. He did impressively in the gubinatorial debates, but everyone realized in a three way race, a strong showing for McClintock would have resulted in Davis retaining his position. So conservatives, being pragmatic, voted for Arnold. It was the right thing to do then.

    I think Arnold will probably win again, because republicans have no where to go. But I suspect, as I said previously, many conservatives will sit on their hands and the race could be closer than imagined after this past disastrous (for conservatives) week.

  5. Barbara says:

    I predict that there will be an exodus from California of both people and businesses. There is no way a good many people can afford not only the health care program but the other initiations proposed by the democratic legislature.

  6. granitroc says:

    Barbara, your prediction is coming true, in part. There has been an exodus underway for the good part of a decade. The demographics of LA county have been greatly effected. Currently the numbers of Anglos, Hispanics, and Blacks are roughly equal. When I moved there in the late sixties, LA was mostly white, some black, and fewer still Hispanics.

    Nevada has been the new port of call for industries fleeing California. In doing so, they took skilled workers with them. This vacuum was filled by illegal aliens from you know where. Las Vegas has been booming and so has Reno. People will vote with their feet given the chance.