Aug 29 2006

Terrorists With Automobiles

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The scene in San Fransisco today of a man mowing down people with his car is eerily reminiscent of the Muslim student who used the same weapon (an SUV) to attempt to kill students in his little version of Jihad against the West. In San Francisco one dead and many hurt (later story here):

One person was killed and at least 13 injured when a man intentionally targeted pedestrians with his sport utility vehicle on both sides of San Francisco Bay, according to police.

The driver was in police custody. His name was not immediately released, but Department of Motor Vehicles records show the license plate on the SUV is registered to Omeed A. Popal of Fremont.

In San Francisco, the attacks began around 1 p.m., but it was unclear in what order:

• Two people, one of them a child, were critically injured around by a sport-utility vehicle on the 3500 block of California Street in Laurel Heights.

• Three people were hit at California and Fillmore streets. Witnesses said they included a man with a broken hip and a woman with a gashed head.

• Two people were seriously hurt at Bush and Pierce streets and one person was seriously injured at Bush and Buchanan streets, police said. One person suffered minor injuries in an incident at 1850 Fillmore Street.

• Two other people suffered minor injuries when they were hit at Pine at Divisadero streets, and another two were hit and suffered minor injuries at Divisadero and Bush Street.

The earlier incident was in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in March of this year. Can’t help but notice the commonalities.

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  1. Hit and Run in San Francisco…

    No, no, it’s not some new naughty term…
    A San Francisco driver, a male (that’s all the description we’re getting so far), has been taken into custody after injuring 13 people, three critically in what appear to be deliberate inc…

  2. pull says:

    The male’s name is “Omeed Aziz Popal”. That is what the story says now.

    From that… we can pretend that Islamism didn’t have anything to do with it like the Washington sniper.

    I watched “One Day in September” yesterday. Great movie. At the end the terrorist coffins are being held aloft by an ecstatic crowd in Libya. We see this kind of display in the Muslim world frequently, though the mainstream news filters it quite a bit as it offends the sensibilities of the Left. (One plausible theory, I dare say.)

    Okay. That is the kind of people are dealing with. That does not happen in the Free World. Ecstatic murder rallies do not happen anywhere else and have only happened among genocidal populations such as the Nazi Germans, the Rwandan Hutus, and the various Communist genocidists.

  3. Hit and Run Rampage in San Francisco…

    Police haven’t commented on motive, and the investigation continues into whether the earlier fatality was connected to the later hit and run spree. You can be sure that attention will be paid to whether this is an instance of sudden jihad syndrome, o….

  4. Enlightened says:

    Well, the name Popal is – Afghani. The suspect lives in Fremont, CA – with a huge Afghani population. So – maybe more to come, maybe just coincidence.

  5. trentk269 says:


    How did this fellow get into the USA? With a passport or illegally???