Aug 29 2006

Nasrallah’s Blunder

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If you are going to send people to die, you need to let them know why and make sure it is a worthy cause. The mentality of the Islamo-Fascist leaders is simple: people are resources to be used (their side) and destroyed (the enemy’s side). They are bomb carriers, elements of the weapons systems, etc. Nasrallah, it seems, cared so little for his Hezbollah fighters (and probably out of concern of tipping off Israeli intelligence) he started the Israeli conflict without any warning or preparation:

The first consists of facts on the ground: Hezbollah lost some 500 of its fighters, almost a quarter of its elite fighting force. Their families are now hounding Nasrallah to provide an explanation for “miscalculations” that led to their death.

Throughout southern Lebanon, once a stronghold of Hezbollah, pictures of the “martyrs” adorn many homes and shops, revealing the fact that many more Hezbollah fighters died than the 110 claimed by Nasrallah. What angers the families of the “martyrs” is that Hezbollah fighters had not been told that the sheik was starting a war to please his masters in Tehran, and that they should prepare for it.

The fighters found out there was a war only after the Israelis started raining fire on southern Lebanon. In fact, no one – apart from the sheik’s Iranian contacts and a handful of Hezbollah security officials linked to Tehran and Damascus – knew that Nasrallah was provoking a war. Even the two Hezbollah ministers in the Lebanese government weren’t consulted, nor the 12 Hezbollah members of the Lebanese National Assembly. The party’s chief policymaking organ, the Shura (consultative assembly), hasn’t held a full session since 2001.

Add to this the fact a majority of the non-shiite population of Lebanon had nothing to gain and everything to lose in this fight (as I noted previously) and you see why Nasrallah is now saying his the victory was more a near fatal mistake. There may be a leadership purge in Hezbollah after this one. Nasrallah has a lot of fanatical families aiming at him for the loss of their loved ones – for nothing.

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  1. MerryJ1 says:

    I haven’t seen this mentioned in any of the blogs, but I think it was covered in WSJ’s (Taranto) “Best of the Web” a few days ago, but possibly Daniel Pipes e-news letter:

    The UN was running in-time reports of Israeli troop movements and whereabouts, but was extremely vague on any depictions of Hezbollah’s movements/whereabouts. These were covered both on the Net and via some of the ME broadcasts.