Aug 22 2006

Global Warming Correction

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Folks, the earth’s temperatures are rising. I don’t want people to think there is no Global Warming in the sense the effect is real. Data shows it has been warming for hundreds of years to levels seen prior to the Little Ice Age which occurred around 1300. What is not known is the cause of the warming, and how much (if any) mankind’s activities add to the warming. My feeling is it is actually a fractional effect, which means the draconian ideas put forth by Al Gore and his naive ilk are a waste of time and money and we need to look at other ways to adjust to these new conditions. If the human effect is 1/4th of the trend (which is still too high in my opinion) our efforts to reduce our green house productions by 10% would yield a 2.5% reduction, leaving 97.5% of whatever is driving the temperature unphased. A 10% reduction in greenhouse gas production by the US would be tough. But recall that only the US and EU and certain other countries like Russia are to be made to reduce output. So the world’s production will not go down by 10% at all.

The reality of this entire issue is now coming to light in studies which confirm the warming trends have been going on for 100’s of years and therefore cannot be directly related to the industrialization and huge population pressures of modern society. Drudge has a report up on a study showing that Greenland Glaciers have been retreating since the late 1800’s – over 100 years ago. So the warming trend had to have begun sometime prior to that date at least.

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  1. bobsunshine says:


    Here is some info from a paper put together a few years ago at:

    Some interesting items from the first few pages – read the entire paper and links that support the information:

    “there was a “little ice age” between A.D. 1400 to about A.D. 1860. Today we enjoy global temperatures which have warmed back to levels of the so called “Medieval Warm Period,” which existed from approximately A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1350….

    Climate change is controlled primarily by cyclical eccentricities in Earth’s rotation and orbit, as well as variations in the sun’s energy output.

    “Greenhouse gases” in Earth’s atmosphere also influence Earth’s temperature, but in a much smaller way. Human additions to total greenhouse gases play a still smaller role, contributing about 0.2% – 0.3% to Earth’s greenhouse effect….

    For example:
    Astronomical Causes

    11 year and 206 year cycles: Cycles of solar variability ( sunspot activity )
    21,000 year cycle: Earth’s combined tilt and elliptical orbit around the Sun ( precession of the equinoxes )
    41,000 year cycle: Cycle of the +/- 1.5° wobble in Earth’s orbit ( tilt )
    100,000 year cycle: Variations in the shape of Earth’s elliptical orbit ( cycle of eccentricity )…

    The idea that man-made pollution is responsible for global warming is not supported by historical fact. The period known as the Holocene Maximum is a good example– so-named because it was the hottest period in human history. The interesting thing is this period occurred approximately 7500 to 4000 years B.P. (before present)– long before human’s invented industrial pollution.

  2. Barbara says:

    Global warming is all about money. I remember when the greens called it global cooling and said we were headed for an ice age. When it got warm again it was global warming again. When people called attention to their spiel from the past they called it climate change. . I guess they didn’t want to change the words every 20 or so years. These people get mucho donations from the gullable and also have large crowds to protest global financial meetings.