Aug 21 2006

The French Surrender Again

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That fact France has shown once again what a pathetic ally they are by not committing any serious troops to the Lebanon peace keeping force tells me it is time to totally realign the UN. Europe doesn’t need France on the Security Council if it is going to surrender every time there is a tough job to be done. At least and to show the French what the word ‘commitment’ means. Sadly, we see the lefties in Italy also running scared by that nations offer to help stabilize the situation:

Italy is ready to lead a U.N. force in southern Lebanon if its European partners commit themselves to the operation, which the Italian opposition warned on Monday could prove to be a “kamikaze” mission.

There is very little ‘leadership’ left in Europe, unless you want to include leading the surrender ‘leadership’. It seems much of the West is ready to succumb to simple threats now. Bin Laden may have been right. The West may not have the backbone to fight for itself and what it holds dear. The liberals obviously don’t hold much of anything dear, so they have convinced us all there is nothing worth saving from our once inspirational societies.

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  1. Barbara says:

    It would really be amusing if it wern’t so pathetic that the whole world relies on the US to save them. No one really has a standing army except some of our enemies (China, North Korea). They don’t want to spend their money on defense because they rely on us. But they do nothing but obstruct anything we try to do. They don’t want us to grow stronger and have our fingers in any pies, but they yelp really loud when they need us.

    In my opinion, we should get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US and do as we feel we should about the rest of the world without having to go with hat in hand begging to straighten up any messes in the world.

    France has stabbed us in the back too many times to trust them any more. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Condi was putting together a policy about Isreal with the French. Did any one really think they could be trusted?