Aug 21 2006

Europe Under Threat With German Bomb Plot Exposed

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I posted two days ago on the bomb plot that was uncovered in Germany and only now am I seeing this story in the news. I wonder why the media has been slow to tell the public about this second attempted terrorist attack to be avoided this month? In this case the attack was underway and somehow misfired:

German police on Saturday arrested a 22-year-old Lebanese student suspected of placing a suitcase holding a bomb made of gasoline and propane gas on a train last month.

Another man, suspected of placing a similar bomb on a train the same day, is still at large.

I guess it is just not news that Islamic extremism is taking hold in Europe from within the Muslim population there. I guess it is just not news that these low tech IEDs are now being seend in public transportation areas. Devices easily built from normal, everyday products (gasoline and propane). The fact there is a suspect on the loose and this many not be a small effort has the entire country on alert:

The weekend arrest of a Lebanese student suspected of trying to blow up two commuter trains last month prompted German authorities to warn that the country has become a target for Islamic terrorists.

Germany’s refusal to take part in the U.S.-led war in Iraq once had Germans thinking Islamic terrorists would focus elsewhere, said Lesch’s wife, Marita, 52, a teacher. “We didn’t fight in Iraq, and until now we assumed that if we behaved well in the world, nothing would happen to us,” she said.

Michael Lüders, a Middle East expert and government policy consultant, said, “Germany is reorienting its (foreign) policy. It did not call for an immediate cease-fire (during Israeli attacks) in Lebanon, and that was disappointing in the Arab world. Some radical forces now think Germany should be punished,” he said.

The message is clear. Do what the Islamic Fascists want or be punished. How long can the West live under these conditions? Germany has played a tiny role in the war on terrorism, primarily training security forces to keep the peace. But that is too much for a Islamic terrorist. If Germany is considered an enemy of the terrorists, then there is no reasoning with Islamic Fascists. None. The myth has been busted – America could never work an agreement with these people.

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  1. Barbara says:

    The Germans are certainly naive. But it is interesting that it is all right for the terrorists to come after us. After all, we are the bad people in this world and probably deserve anything that happens to us. All the Germans have to do is sit tight and not help us in any way.
    This after having an army in Germany for 55 years to protect them from the Russians.

    It would be helpful for the western countries to realize we did nothing to these people. They just don’t like our way of living. They also want to rule the world. The Germans learned that the terrorists will not be appeased by their opting out.