Aug 15 2006

After UK Airline Threat Judge Decides There Is No Threat Out There

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The liberal leftwing is on full display as a San Fran judge ignores all the breaking news regarding the UK Airliner Terror Plot and has determined there is not threat and therefore no need for any national security against terrorists:

Federal District Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco — pointing to the continuing, widespread public controversy over the president’s secretly authorizing the NSA’s warrantless disregard of individual privacy rights — ruled that there was no urgent state need for secrecy.

Got that folks? Some unelected, Kool Aid gulping, judge has decided there is “no urgent state need for secrecy”! None! We don’t need to hide our intelligence efforts from any terrorists who may be here in our country just like the 24+ who lived in the UK and were trained and guided by Al Qaeda masterminds in Pakistan. There is no urgency. The EFF, which brought this suite, has no concrete evidence of any wrong doing and seems to have simply uncovered the US Government’s commercially supplied secure networks. This is dire news indeed! The US Government purchases communications support from US companies and makes them secure by isolating them from the general traffic. BFD.

This is a perfect exclamation point to my previous post on how the Democrats cannot grasp the stupidity of making a claim Bush has made us less secure as their liberal army of useful idiots go to court and the news media to tear down all non-military defenses we have in place to detect attack. What strange disease has so rattled the left that they are simultaneously destroying our defenses while claiming we are less safe?

People thought my 2006 Democrat Contract With America was mostly a joke when I published it. Well it wasn’t and now I have Item Ten: “We Democrats promise to dismantle all terrorist surveillance efforts enacted by the Evil Bush Administration so that Al Qaeda and their associates will not have their right to privacy violated and to ensure they are treated like any American citizen”.

Looking back on the Dem Contract when I wrote it on February 6th, 2006 it seems to have stood the test of time. Sadly it has held up all too well.

Update: Want to know how whacky all this is getting? Here is an article looking to blame someone in the US Government for 9-11 and they admit the CIA and NSA did not share information with the FBI prior to 9-11:

“The Looming Tower” is a book of synthesis, of re-emphasis, of explaining seemingly isolated events in an improved context. Perhaps the most important re-emphasis is how the CIA and the National Security Agency — for what appear to be petty, bureaucratic reasons — failed to share information with the FBI that might have halted the airplane hijackers from carrying out their missions in New York and Washington. That portion of Wright’s reporting has already been excerpted by The New Yorker magazine (where he is a staff writer), under the headline “The Agent: Did the CIA Stop an FBI Detective From Preventing 9/11?” In the book version, it is fair to say that Wright eliminates the question mark. He pretty clearly believes that individuals within the CIA deserve blame.

The sad thing is prior to 9-11, because of the Gorelick Wall and other ‘traditions’, no NSA or CIA leads could be used to get a FISA warrant from the FIS Court! Intelligence sources were not considered valid sources for probable cause. So while one side of the left is blaming a lack of communication between the intel and law enforcement worlds, the other side is complaining about all the new paths of communication between the intel and law enforcement worlds! One side is trying to expose the NSA efforts while others want to shut it down. And all the while they complain we are less safe? Heaven help us if the Democrats win any elections this year. The confusion that is storming around their minds will then be applied to our national security and we will learn a lesson we shall never forget.

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  1. Good Captain says:

    As best I can tell, the Dhimmicrats appear to passively accept the next big attack in hopes of being able to use it for political purposes. It further appears that the only reason the party isn’t themselves leading the legal attacks against national security measures enacted by the Administration lies first in their fear that they might otherwise be blamed.

  2. opinionsarefree says:

    If you bury your head deep enough in the sand, you truly can not see what is happening all around you. You probably won’t even notice when AQ cuts your head off. So if you don’t notice, did it really happen?

  3. Ships passing in the night?…

    In a Sunday post noting the capture of the al Qaeda leader in Britain, I raised the following questions:[…] should the leader of Britain’s al Qaeda be given what amounts to Geneva Convention protections / domestic civil liberties protections&#8…

  4. az redneck says:

    I didn’t hear anyone laughing. This is probably your most brilliant work! If only the RNC was effective in communicating it to the ininformed masses!