Jun 26 2005

Carnival of The Chillin #2

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I did not receive very many responses for inputs to this Carnival – so I went hunting for them! Also, last time out I focused solely on issues on judicial appointments, etc. So the 2nd part of this Carnival shows off posts from Coalition of The Chillin’ members who are so chilled out they are onto other issues.

This exercise is humbling and reminds me what great company I have stumbled into with the Coalition of The Chillin’. I tried to select post where the blogger put in extra time and effort, so many are a bit long. Hope you enjoy a peak inside the minds of the Coalition.


Of course events move while the Carnival is getting compiled. Our fearless leader Mark Coffey has a new post on the subject of Kelo and the Coalition – with comments from yours truly.


So here are the Nomination, Filibuster, Supreme Court related (exempting the Kelo decision) postings from the Coalition (this time in alphabetical order – sorry Wavemaker)

Argan Argar has found a priceless reference to the B-52’s in a decision by newly confirmed Justice Pryor – too cool.

Cries In The Night has a solid post on predicting how things will play out next week if a US SC steps down.

Hector Vex vents on democrat obstructionism (which of course the filibuster is one tool for them to use).

Instapundit knows how to speak for himself, so I won’t even try.

Jade Monkey points out some interesting potential conflicts of interest for Alberto Gonzales regarding any potential nomination to the bench.

John C. A. Bambenek has some truly interesting ideas on what Rehnquist might do and the left should do.

Mark Coffey, the Coalition’s Founder and spiritual leader (OK I made that last part up) submitted this post for the Carnival on how to get something out of the Bolton battles.

Mark Daniels has a lengthy post defending the pragmatism and honor to their convictiosn shown by the two senators from Ohio. He has some good points.

Navland Rumblings submitted this interesting post on the possibility of breaking up the 9th into two new circuit courts.

Poli Blog notes some other potential problems with a Gonzales nomination.

Professor Bainbridge appears to be in a debate about whether the nuclear option is really not a self destruct device.

Punditish has not been posting lately, but did recognize Mark Coffey’s 15 seconds of fame when the Coalition was mentioned on CNN!

The Right Hand of God has praise for Justice Janice Rogders Brown and why she is needed on the US SC.

Ryan James has a post on how the MSM spins and twists the filibuster deal and negotiations.

And yes, this subject interests me just a tad.

The Buzz Blog comments on the democrats latest success in filibustering Bolton, the implications and the roll call.

Viking Pundit and I agreed that Bolton may be a net lost for the democrats. He just said it better than I did.

Karl Maher at Vote for Judges has this intriguing post from a while back on how Clarence Thomas’ opinions on Raich were a job interview for Chief Justice. Given the potential relationship between Raich and Kelo, Karl is probably right on the mark.

And here are selected post from a Coalition members chillin’ out on other subjects, all good subjects to be focused on:

Alexander McClure posts regularly on Polipundit on the state of races across the country. So I gather most everyone is keeping an eye on his updates. But I thought this post showed true compassionate conservatism.

The Big Tent Blog notes how O’Conner’s dissent in Kelo sounds so Scalia-ish (note BTB, I almost linked to this one – talk about chillin’!)

Bill at INDC Journal is another prolific poster, so good I had a tough time chosing one post (wanted to do three!). But he had a short post on the Kelo decision which I thought was most stunning. Go see it, and then read everything else Bill writes on.

Call me sentimental, but Bloggledygook’s post which stuck out above all others was his father’s day tribute.

Pat at Brainster’s Blog has a great post on how democrats misunderstand the south.

TOD at Cavalry Charge posits on why the MSM is being rolled over by the Bloggers.

Citizen Smash (Indepundit) is another prolific poster, but I selected this post which highlights one of the most underreported topics today – the breakout of unfettered desire for democracy in the Arab/Muslim street.

Conservative Democrat News believes the Downing Street memos represent an impeachable offense (which I respectfully disagree on).

Suzanne at Descartes Bar & Grill has a great story on a women being kept in artificial life support so her baby can be born as near to full term as possible. This may be the hospital where three of my four children were born. If so that is good news. Note the photo of the child in the man’s hands. One of our twins was 1 lb, 7 oz and was about that size.

Don Surber submitted this excellent post on what drives the left and right bloggers. Note to Don, I have you as a Coalition member, so click on the gif on my sidebar to see what you signed up for!!

Doverspa at Redstate will most likely get inspired again once the Carnival of the Chillin’s comes out – but until that time he has a great post on CAFTA and why its time has come.

GOP & The City has a scathing post on the so called party of tolerance.

Hole Card is still in some undisclosed, secret location. But he does pop up for a quick post on GITMO and Extreme Championship Wrestling. And he wants us to be assured he is OK. Yep.

Jim Miller has a disturbing post on how terrorists are being funded by Europeans/

Kinder Gentler Machinegun Hand is debating the bloggers age old question – to blog or not to blog (given all the rewards of blogging). I think he should just from the line about Bolton’s moustache.

It wasn’t hard to detect the import and focus at Lime Shurbet: Save the Memorial. And he is SERIOUS.

Little Miss Attila struck me with this honest post about how abortion can reverberate for years in the lives of men and women. I have always claimed the most valued voices on this subject are the few who have gone through both abortion and having or trying to have children. It seems my feelings were correct.

Loaded Mouth is another leftward leaning Coalition member who is interesting to read. I have one serious post on the Downing St Memos, and hope TAS will review my posts debunking these memos, and one hillarious one on Rove by Mark – which had me rolling (yes, I do on occasion have a twisted sense of humor).

Lori Byrd at Polipundit is also prolific, smart and popular . I appreciated her pointing me to an important story today on where democrats cross the line.

Maxed Out Mamma has multiple posts on the Kelo decision. Here is the latest and keep scrolling down.

Mistress Tootie Belle seems more like a diary (or I am just too old to get it) – but we share one thing in common, good taste in comedy!

Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiract has a great post on thet nuttiness that is the ‘quagmire’ and the anit-war left.

Obsidian Wings has a great posting on how great Condi Rice has been doing – something I concur with.

Info Theory is focused right now on the abortion debate.

Honestly I had no idea what to select at Pererro – the life and times of…Well, you chose if you are interested.

The Kommissar has started the Raging Rino’s so go check it out.

Pros & Cons have cover a late breaking victim of the Kelo decision.

Right Side of the Rainbow has a post on Kelo and Raich.

Right Wing Nut House has lots of serious posts on serious subjects, so I picked the one not so serious: The Carnival of The Clueless!! Talk about your target rich environment.

Say Uncle says a lot so selecting is impossible. But I liked this idea to stop Kelo.

Scott Elliot at Election Projection believes things are looking up for conservatives, a belief I share.

Scurvey Wench – again you are on your own! I really do like the name.

Semi Random Ramblings has some good points on Iraq and why it was good to ignore those who called for retreat a year ago.

Sisu had one of the better posts on the democrats’ reactions to Rove’s pointed observations.

Sophistipundit also has a great post in Condi Rice.

Obviously I had to link to this poignant rebuttal to Amnesty International by Minh-Duc at State-of-Flux

Steal the Bandwagon supports the call to save the DNC – from you know who.

Tempest Fugit also likes what Condi Rice has had to say.

The American Mind has posts on all the big topics, so I selected one on the underreported voter fraud story in Milwaukee.

Picking one from The Anchoress normally would be a tough choice – not today. Contact our soldiers and let them know the media and liberals do not speak for all of us.

I couldn’t resist linking to the slam on Anderson Cooper at The Bernoulli Effect.

At The Country Pundit I was heading towards a link on the Me 262 jet fighter, when I saw this post on the VA primaries – and I found myself agreeing with him 100%. I was sure Connaughton would win or be close. But hey – you win some and lose some.

The Radical Centrist earns his name, and my support, by saying we are over protecting the flag (and yes, I know many, many coalition members had similar posts).

Tigerhawk has a long, thoughful post on a favorite topic of mine, the Downing Street memos.

Timothy Goddard notes that the North Western states where hit hard on the base closing proposals, but may have themselves to blame given the fact their congressional delegations are mostly in the minority.

I could not resist selecting the brutally honest and spot-on post by Tinkerty Tonk on Jessica Cutler – the ‘lady’ who slept her way into the blogosphere.

Two Dogs has lots of fun posts, but the one I selected highlights my endless ignorance. As I live longer, the depth of what I do not know expands in front of me to the horizon, reminding me to tread lightly because there are many who know what I do not even know exists.

W.C. Varones dicusses the myths of univeral health care – a very important topic.

Wave Maker is off enjoying the summer fun, but also allows us to end this carnival on a humorous note!

Hope you enjoyed the selections.

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  1. jcb says:

    Thanks for the link… didn’t know there was a carnival for this… 🙂

  2. Two Dogs says:

    Thanks for the Roundup, AJ. Sorry, I have not been keeping up with my obligations this week. I will submit next week, promise.

  3. AJStrata says:

    Thanks for the comment so far. Still trying to decide whether to do this on one week or two week cycles – it’s a lot of work. Not to mention I am vacation next week!

  4. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the link. I didn’t know non-judge-related posts were eligible for the carnival.

  5. AJStrata says:

    That’s what’s nice about creating the Carnival – I get to change the rules! Hey, I enjoyed peeking into the worlds that make up the Coalition. If it keeps the interest we should allow both – don’t you think?

  6. jademonkey says:

    great job again AJ. sorry i didn’t enter anything…been blogging pretty sporadically the past week or so. will definitely try and make your job easier next time. will link you up shortly.

    I hesitate to offer, since this seems to be such a herculean task and you’ve pulled it off very, very ably – tough act to follow – but if you’re going to be gone this coming week, I’d consider hosting the next carnival (is it tomorrow we’re expecting announcements from Rehnquist and/or O’Connor or next monday? if the latter, we can probably hold off for 2 weeks, but if not, there’ll be a lot of stuff going on!). Of course, a more trafficked blog would be a better choice for pinch-hitter, so absolutely no offense taken if you get/seek another offer (in fact, it would probably be a relief, lol)

  7. AJStrata says:

    Jade Monkey,

    Thanks for the offer and don’t sweat not getting something in. I am trying to decide whether weekly is too much given the slow pace of this subject! I’ll look at the traffic and talk to Mark – and if we agree to go with another round I will have to let Mark select the next victim, er…volunteer.


  8. Beth - My VRWC says:

    Thanks, AJ; I actually was going to ask you if the submissions had to be related to the judiciary or not, because I wanted to submit the one you picked (not that there was much to choose from!).
    GREAT carnival! This must have taken you forever to put together!

  9. AJStrata says:


    Thanks. And yes it did, and I am relieved I picked the preferred post from your site. It is not easy selecting one!

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    Sunday Night Around the Horn

    AJ Strata goes around the horn with the Coalition of the Chillin’.

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    Thanks for the nod. I do tend to just blather on about my life, but I also write about political stuff. Sort of a mix 🙂

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    I posted on Kelo.. I don’t think I’d bother combing my blog to find it, either.

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    Look, it’s a Carnival of the Chillin’. I’m sure I’m alienating all of my coalition-mates by not giving them any linkage, so here goes.

  16. wavemaker says:

    Jeez AJ, I was out on the golf course and didn’t notice your new carnival………

    FYI, the Dean cartoon you chose is from my brother at the Miami Herald.

    I’ll have to pay more attention now that it is raining here.