Jun 26 2005

NYTimes Badmouths Mainstream USA

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If you want to see into a mind that cannot fathom that liberalism and conservatism are equally good and bad, equally moral and prone to human error, etc -read this commentary. It is pathetic such a gross, biased and insulting piece would ever show up in a major newspaper.

I have mentioned before liberals are now fixated in convincing themselves they are not rapidly losing public support in this country. They are obsessed with all their recent political losses ,and keep trying to fabricate conspiracy theories about the GOP to rationalize any answer other than they lost.

So we come to this new attempt to rationalize the evil right wing duping the masses, only to find the left duping itself.

IN a well-known spoof of a typical talk-radio exchange, two callers debate a fatuous point. The first says: ”Right-thinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up with this country being sick and tired. I’m certainly not and I’m sick and tired of being told that I am.” The second caller retorts, ”Well, I meet a lot of people, and I’m convinced that the vast majority of wrong-thinking people are right.” A conservative housewife, listening to the blather, snaps, ”Liberal rubbish!” and turns the dial. It’s a shining example of what, in a country with a less sophisticated sense of humor, might be called Monty Python Toryism.

Note the insertion, at the end, of the qualifier ‘less sophisticated’. First off, the interchange reminds me of Carville or Begala or Blumenthal or a whole host of smart mouthed, demeaning lefty ‘spokes-people’. But what is more sophisticated then Monty Python? Is this person trying to say those who find endless humor in Monty Python are not sophisticated? Well, given the way Monty Python treats self important bureaucrats, I’d rather not be one of their self-obsessed targets.

In ”South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias,” Brian C. Anderson, an editor of the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, charts the rise in respectability — or, at least, of visibility and audibility — of ”proudly anti-elitist” right-wing thought in America’s public dialogue over the last two decades

Here is a hint that the liberal left still cannot fathom what is happening to them because they cannot elevate conservatism to their level, or humbly admit their liberalism has not only failed to win the support of the people, it has failed to produce any ground breaking, positive policies in decades. No matter what, they cannot admit they are no better or worse than conservatives, because that would mean they are fallible! The die hard liberal, which is someone who is today still blindly claiming allegiance to the cause, is now so invested in being right they have too much riding on the debate to find even a fracture of fault on their side.

Weren’t Dick Durbin’s recent pathetic comments on GITMO given visibility and amplification by the right side of the media? Didn’t Dan Rather have all the visibility and audibility he needed to (a) make a bogus charge based on forged documents and (b) admit he made a bogus charge on forged documents?

Maybe the left has lost credibility because of its own self destructive actions, comments and ideals! So, instead they try and make up caricatures of the GOP so they can pretend to be the white knights saving humanity

To him, the popularity of the stingingly anti-P.C. cartoon series ”South Park” signals the advent of a new generation of Americans who refuse to accept public censure for their scornful attitudes toward gay men and lesbians, Native Americans, environmentalism and abortion rights.

This is such a crock it is sad. Conservatives are necessarily scornful of homosexuality. They are not believers in it as some newly discovered path to enlightenment. But typically the conservative response is your private sexual preference is your private life. Just stop parading it about in public, stop trying to teach it school and stop endless fixating on it. If this is hard for the left to understand, think about the response one would get to Doggie Style day at Disney, the Doggie Style Parade in NY City (with all the associated images and messages), Doggie Style tolerance being taught in schools (look kids make fun of EVERYTHING, being the right wing intolerant monsters they are genetically geared to be). A vast majority of us support correcting laws that are truly unfair to gay partners in terms of inheritance, visitation rights, etc. Just don’t ask us to pretend that is marriage, which is totally tied to the idea of family. Something we all have and will never confuse with two adults connected by interest in a certain form of sexuality.

Get my point here? be gay, be happy, be proud, but be quiet about all the details.

Environmentalists? You better come up with plans that do not destroy jobs are people’s access and enjoyment of nature. It’s really not that hard. Stop pretending we want to go back to the pre-industrial, pre-technology days.

Native Americans? The only ‘Native American’ I know whom conservatives are truly outraged at is Churchill – nuff said.

And Abortion. I think you will find those who sanctify innocent, new life and can support the termination of human evil which has been proven of murder – most times many times over and in a sadistic brutal manner – will never feel they are morally inferior to those who think just the opposite.

The purpose of Anderson’s book is subtle and — in spite of its just-folks pretenses — intellectual: claiming cultural territory for conservatives not by seizing it outright but by crawling gingerly across it, inch by inch, with his arm over his head, as if a liberal weenie might jump out and clobber him at any moment. By all appearances, he wants to seem reasonable, and his book tries to maintain a tone of genial detachment. But it also puts forward a deeply partisan argument: the American right is more reasonable than the American left and, what’s more, conservatives are still being suppressed by liberal bullies.

Folksy doesn’t equal intellectual? OK, maybe we have found the root problem with liberal elites. They cannot fathom intellect without proper social training and demeanor (which of course totally disappears when behind closed doors – doesn’t it?). It’s funny when someone in the liberal media is pounding a conservative view using personal attacks on conservatives, and then wonders why conservatives might feel suppressed. Of course, the reason conservatism is becoming the dominant political force is because it has fought through the MSM suppression and won the political battles. Unfortunately liberals cannot face this reality, because it means they are simply the most recent failed political ideology and not the last hope of mankind.

I’ll skip over his repeated caricatures and jump to the point where this pathetically narrow minded person reveals his most positive image of conservatives

Would anybody, even a conservative fan of ”South Park” — especially a conservative fan of ”South Park” — want to watch a sitcom about churchgoing parents with two children who lead an uneventful life and make regular donations to the Fraternal Order of Police?

That’s it folks. That is all your little lives amount to in this person’s mind. Would we want to watch a sitcom about parents dealing with the challenges of parenting and the pot holes of liberal ‘expression’ we keep trying to keep our kids out of?

Well, duh – yes. What do you think Bill Cosby’s sitcoms have been about? You want to know what an uneventful life is? It is one where you spend all your time trying to rationalize why your fantasy views of reality must be right because everyone who disagrees with your views is evil, dull, immoral.

Finally, if you wonder whether you fall into this low class group of dullards, here is the test.

Obviously, Anderson knows his audience: this book isn’t intended for readers of The Times and The Economist and watchers of CNN.

If you get your information from any other source than these Blessed Houses of the Message of Liberalism, your life will be ‘uneventful’.

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