Aug 09 2006

Iranians In Lebanon and Iraq

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The news that Iranians have been found in Lebanon amongst the Hezbollah fighters killed in action with the IDF should be no surprise. Last month news came out of Iraq that Iranians where fighting along insurgents in Iraq. And it is no surpise either that Iranian weapons are being found in both Lebanon and Iraq. As I have said many times, and I think the news media is now starting to wake up to, Iran is the force behind all the troubles in the ME. They probably have a hand in Afghanistan’s terrorist insurgents as well (since they have been ‘holding’ Osama Bin Laden’s son for so many years). Iran is on a path to state-level martyrdom and will not let the West begin to disarm its puppets and isolate it. Surrender is not an option for them.

This is playing well into the Lamont-Lieberman issue as Lamont is now the titular head of the “surrender to the terrorist at any cost” fringe of the far left. We have not been able to force the terrorists into submission because they want to die. So until we decimate them to the point most people in the ME and Mulism workld shun them like the plague, we will be under attack. Lamont wants to hide out here in the US and let the terrorists come amongst us and savage us at home. Bush and the Reps and the last bastions of sanity on the left want to take away the Islamo Fascists’ home base and make them fight on their turf. The war is on and raging. We are simply making a choice were we want to fight it. I vote for the ME.

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  1. Mark78 says:

    I know this has been said before but this malaise increasingly feels like what the 30’s must have been like to Churchillians.

    Awareness of an obvious enemy with obvious intentions of destruction that the majority of the world is oblivious to, in denial about or just doesn’t care. Pretty sad that it’s going to make a MAJOR attack on, not a U.S. ally, but the U.S. itself for the press and the rest of those out there in their malaise to wake up.

  2. kathie says:

    So the left says that if our soldiers were not in Iraqi we could be ready for other hot spots, I guess they are thinking of Lebanon, or Darfur, or even North Korea, or maybe Iran. Not that we would deploy them but we could use them as a threat. Like say if you don’t do as we ask we will hunt you down. Like Clinton did. All talk no fight. That is why we had to go into Iraq because Afghanistan wasn’t enough. We bluffed so many times if we moved it had to be big or they wouldn’t fear us or believe us. I wonder what the left is thinking we will do with all those soldiers on active duty sitting in the US. Surely Kuwait or Saudi Arabia don’t want our guys sitting on their soil. We tried that. So when they say lets change course why doesn’t some ask to what! I heard education, insure all children etc. So I’m thinking they think that there are no hot spots in this world we live in. I hoping Aug. 22nd isn’t real! Maybe Chris Wallace asked the MAD MAN!

  3. Barbara says:

    In the long run, I don’t see that we will have a choice. We will have to participate in this war sooner or later. Maybe not invade but bomb infrstructure and hopefully nuclear sites in Syria and Iran. Syria and Iran are sending fighters to kill our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also their fighters have been found in Lebanon fighting the Israelis. Before the PC movement this would be acts of war. But what can we expect after Carter’s milk toast answer to the embassy takeover and subsequent imprisonment of our embassy staff. Plus years of democrat do nothing but bring home the bacon power.