Aug 08 2006

Democrat Primary Results For 08/08/06

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Well, I am not surprised Cynthia McKinney was trounced. In fact, the only reason I think the Democratas can stay competitive is if they dump these extreme far left rabble rousers like Mckinney (and Conyers, etc) who give the impression the Democrats (my old party) the look and feel of an insane asylum. Joe is doing as about I expected and I still think he will barely lose the primary and then go on to win the general as an independent – if he decides to run. Which I think he will.

Update: With 56% of the vote in the numbers are falling right where I predicted they would: 52-48 for Lamont. This confirms a lot of my suspicions I posted on earlier. These results prove clearly there is a serious and widening schims within the Democrat party where the far left is moving so far left it is repulsing the moderate democrats and making it nearly impossible for Democrats to make amjore gains this cycle. It also proves all those polls I predicted were skewed are really skewed and their tilt to the left has increased since previous elections. Time to kiss the “conventional wisdom” good-bye, it is no good anymore.

Update: At 76% of precincts reporting in the numbers are still 52-48. This should be called for Lamont very soon now.

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  1. retire05 says:

    The line has been drawn in the sand for Democrats. Either you are with the Michael Moores, the George Soros’ and the crowd or we have no room for you.
    Where will this leave moderate Democrats (that I think most of average American Democrat stand)? Will they vote the party line even though they think that our national security is at stake? My guess is that the more vicious the vitriol on the left becomes the more average Americans will turn away.
    I guess they don’t learn from the lessons of history.

  2. Terrye says:

    Drudge is calling it for Lamont, but it was a lot closer than people expected. I would say that the closer it is the better the chance Lieberman runs as an Independent. That could be interesting. At least he was not humiliated.

  3. retire05 says:

    Lieberman concedes to Lamont. Conneticut loses.
    The party that claims to hold the high moral ground has succumb to dirty politics, the most recent being Lamont supporters hacking Lieberman’s web site today and crashing it.
    It makes me sick to see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton standing behind Lamont as he tells his supporters how he is going change things in Washington.
    How can Lamont stand with Jackson and Sharpton? To my knowledge, Lamont has never had a mug shot taken.

  4. Leiberman loses first round, but will win the “war”…

    The “Lamont” experiment is over. Although winning the primary tonight, he won by a scant four-percent, not a strong enough showing to carry him through till November, where Joe will now be able to, after declaring himself an independent w…

  5. crosspatch says:

    Registered Democrats make up 30% of CT voters.
    Registered Republicans make up 20% of CT voters.
    Independents and “other” make up 50% of CT voters.

    Lamont managed to win 1/2 (more or less) of the Democrats (about 15% of the electorate).

    This primary is a waste of time and doesn’t mean a thing for the general election. What matters is who can win that 50% that is the Independents. I don’t think Lamont can do that. He’s toast.

  6. ordi says:


    Excellant Point!

    Survey USA had Lieberman at 54% Approve and 41% Disapprove on 07/17/06 with all voters.

    The survey breaks it down by party:

    Independants: 55% Approve and 39% Disapprove

    Repubilcan breakdown: 65% Approve and 33% Disapprove

    Democrat Breakdown: 50% Approve and 46% Disapprove

    Lamont is indeed toast!,0

  7. MerlinOS2 says:

    Lets take this for a spin to see how it washes out.

    Voter turnout was about 50% in the primary, by historic standards it will be hard to enlarge this in the general election. (normally about 25 % for primaries)

    14000 new dems voters, 14000 indys changed to dem just so they could vote in the primary.

    We did a similar thing here years ago when voters shifted their reg just to let the lesser of evil two dems win the primary, and then switched back to kick their butt in the general.

    Ya got the Kos/Moveon clique aided by the Soros sonnata pushing the weak sibling over the top.

    They coould regret still what they asked for.

    Soros supported (invented) moveon and funded it to the max, is this still the case?

    Soros has put together a coalition of the most left of left high dollar donors to the left side and they are collectively pulling the pursestrings. He has abandoned moveon, as evidenced by their current funding levels, since they proved a failed tool of his first thrust.

    Lamonts win, gives support to the message of the cut and run dems, since that was his piedpiper melody. May play for a while,especially in such a state he is in, but has many negatives nationally.

    Soros tried and failed to do the deed in the last election, so he has resorted to his often repeated plan B..note see Checkoslavikia and Bosnia wheeling and dealing of this “benefactor of the downtrodden”.

    So now by marshalling his forces of the left funders, he has diverted funds that would have in the past gone to the DNC.

    So now we have Rob Emmanuael torked at Dean of the DNC because money flow is tight. Why, Soros has cornered the market.

    If Soros allowed those funds to get to the DNC, they would go to all dems, including those supported by the DLC.

    He has done an end run and is starving the DLC moderate dems while cutting off the oxygen of the Dean DNC.

    We are witnessing tribal warfare here for the heart of the dems message.

    We see the major support going to the leftmost of the left and moderates of the left being turned into deers in the headlights wondering if they are being starved financially, and reaching for their depends , just in case.

    A plausable case can be made, and the polls support it that Liberman wins in the three way general.

    So we end up with what should have been a sure dem safe seat moving to the (I) column in the senate. This just has to shatter the dreams of the left of winning control in the house and the senate.

    The only question is how much will the LEFT of left backers try to muscle the moderate dems? If they push to hard , too fast, and with too much force, could they end up having some DINOs realign themselves to changing to (I) status even if they are not up for election and trashing the Pelosie drape buying fieldtrips. Have they already overplayed their hand and shot their wad?

    Is Lamont their own self created strawman?

    Almost forgot, we have to also take into account the Hill/Bill tag team Amerikan Idol agenda an note that Billary came out to endorse Joe and then the one who doesn’t do cigars played the Rummy card game.

    Bait and switch, such a soooooooooo cool thing to watch.

    Hey ya’all, come on, insult my intelligence because ya think I’m stupid or sumpten.

    Ah, ya did, shucks , now I gonna not like ya too much.

  8. MerlinOS2 says:

    Aw shucks just made 25k trading the QQQQ while I posted that message.

    Note to self, call tax attorney!

  9. MerlinOS2 says:

    Just blipped another 13k on the downswing.

    Defintely got to call that tax guy.

    Wait there is the mark of another upswing..

    We will see how it plays