Aug 04 2006

Indonesian Muslims Enter Middle East War

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Is anyone having any doubts about the Global War On Terror? Indonesia’s radical Muslims are sending terrorists out to the Middle East and to Israel’s allies in the West.

More than 200 Islamic militants from Southeast Asia have
been sent on missions to bomb Israel’s “vital interests” and countries that support the Jewish state, their leader said on Friday.

Western countries such as the United States and Britain, as well as businesses, could be targeted unless they cease supporting Israel, he said.

Didu said the group was watching Australia’s position on the Middle East conflict.

“If John Howard makes a statement in support of Israel, he will be a target,” Didu said.

Their charge is to kill innocent people – since that is the cowardly way the modern Muslim warrior fights. Is anyone forcing these fanatics to act like this? No. They are blood thirsty hooligans who have been raised on the propaganda of fanatical Islamo Fascism. They cannot wait to die in an effort to destroy the West. They have been dreaming of this day forever. That is why no amount of UN and EU posturing will end this. It must end in the way the Jihadists want it to end. Unfortunately they are dictating the terms of battle, we can simply dictate the speed they reach heaven.

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  1. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    But wait! Our informed leftist leaders and media pundits have always told us that middle eastern Muslims were mad at the evil Israelis for stealing their land. Evidently those insatiable Zionists grabbed a few blocks in downtown Jakarta.

  2. Barbara says:

    The Middle East conflict has never been about Israel. Israel is just an excuse. If Israel did not exist , the mullahs would be griping about something else.

    The real problem is that the mullahs are losing their power as their people see how Israel and the West is so much better off than they are. They too would like to live the good life and not have to scrounge for the very food they eat. So many have escaped this poverty and the mullahs don’t like that. They have kept these people illiterite and dependant for centuries and arranged matters that their only hope is Islam.

  3. Unscripted Thoughts says:

    Methinks (and hope and pray) that if they do attack…it will have the opposite effect from what they wish. However, given the current epidemic of spinelessness that is on ready display around the world, it could go in mullahs favor unless a lot of good people step up, decide we really are at war and that we have to stop all the PC bulls*t.

  4. luc says:


    If people like us in the blogosphere would talk about how to get organized to counteract the mullah’s effect, probably there would be a chance. But all of us are on a rail line, see the train coming and do not move out of the way, we just talk about how much it will hurt when the train hits us! 🙁 GOD help us! But what happens if the saying “God helps the ones who help themselves” is true?

  5. BIGDOG says:

    Once the left wakes up and realises that these radical muslims are in this for the long haul and playing for keeps. Then and only then will we be united in the TWOT. However, they pass the above scenerio off as fear tactics, NO!! its called being rational in a day of cold hearted, murderous zealots.

  6. retire05 says:

    When our people were held hostage in Iran, we were appalled. When the Marine barracks in Beirut was bombed, we were appalled. When Kobar Towers came down, again, we were appalled. And we did nothing to accept the fact that there was a force that wanted to see us all in flames. We were Americans, and as such, those things could only happen overseas. Then came 9-11. Anyone remember 9-11? But it has been almost five years since 3,000 Americans lost their lives to those who want to rule us and now we have delegated 9-11 to the safety deposit boxes of our memory banks. We know it is there, but have no need for it today.
    We assume that because we live in a politically correct world where we fear insulting someone or have laws to make sure we don’t, that the enemy will also operate under those same rules. Don’t profile anyone who just might be the same description of those that have killed us in the past and have indicated they have no intention of stopping.
    The left screams how Iraq is just like Vietnam. In one way, it is. During Vietnam, we wanted the war to be over, today. We were not willing to do what it took to win because there might be some collateral damage. We had to be politically correct. There were mistakes made so out of the woodwork came those like Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, John Kerry who told us how bad we were. Our media showed us daily photographs and wrote daily articles on how Americans were protesting in the street to “bring our soldiers home”. So the NVC patiently waited until Americans, who are hooked on immediate gratification, gave up.
    Now we have different players but it is really the same thing. The media tells us how many Iraqis die each day. We have war crimes and people like Cindy Sheehan, John Murtha, et al, telling us we cannot win the war there. We have the media showing us Americans protesting in the street to “bring our soldiers” home. And again, the enemy is patiently waiting until Americans give up.
    Churchill warned the world of the evil intent of Hitler. He was scoffed at and rebuked. It was only when German bombs started raining down on London did the world realize that Churchill was right all along.
    We have an enemy that has only one goal; to conquer the world for Islam and those who will not convert will be put to the sword. Osama bin Laden told us his intent. We did not listen and 3,000 Americans died on 9-11-01. Now we have Hezbollah of Lebanon, the president of Iran and Hamas of Palestine telling us the same thing. Are we listening? Will it take bombs raining down on Chicago for us to realize that they are telling us their intent?
    The few voices that warn us that we need to take the terrorists at their word, are few. They are ignored by the MSM who plasters their front pages with those faces that are against the war. We have a media who feels that our national security should take a back seat to our “right to know” about systems that are designed to root out the terrorists among us and protect us. When was the last time the NYTs wrote an article about what a democracy in Iraq would mean to the MiddleEast? When did the St. Louis Post Dispatch write an article about how Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia would fare if Iraq became a world player with it’s citizens having the right to determine their own fate?
    We just don’t get it.
    But Israel does. Israel realizes that she is just the first step to the goal of the terrorists on their way to the destruction of the Big Satan, the United States.

  7. momdear1 says:

    ‘If you can’t bring the mountain to Mohammed, bring Mohammed to the mountain.” old addage.

    Looks like Bush brought all the Mohammadans to the mountain in Iraq that he could and they have just about all been neutralized. So now Israel is bringing the rest of them to the mountain in Lebanon to finish the job. And the Dems think Bush is dumb.