Aug 03 2006

Qana-Man A Mortician From Tyre!

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Major Update: Taking a hint from reader Kokok below I tried variations of the name and hit on Abu Chadi in a Lebonese paper which also identifies him as the mortician of Tyre:

The first, named Ibn Zahra (son of Zahra) by a mortician at Tyre’s governmental hospital, was born prematurely in the back seat of a taxi under a hail of Israeli bombs as his family fled the South for the safety of this Southern port city.

The taxi finally fell victim to an air strike that killed Ibn Zahra’s two brothers and severely wounded his mother.

“He lived for only an hour or two,” says Abu Chadi, the mortician who named the infant. “He never had a chance.”

Well, that confirms there is a mortician in Tyre by the same name. What a coincidence. We also have Abu Chadi the Civil Defense worker in a nearly identical article to the one linked to below, yet the refigerated truck is nearby, in this Muslim News article.

Is it possible the worst possible conspiracy theory about the man in all the Qana photos is true? I have posted on the staged photos as others have on the ubiquitous “green helmet man”. There is even suspicion this same man was on the scene when Qana was bombed 10 years ago. Israeli Insider has picked up on some reporting from the area a few days earlier which now says “Qana-Man” is possibly a mortician from Tyre and may have arrived in his refrigerated truck used to carry corpses. Now the question comes full circle. Was his truck loaded on the way to Qana or on the way back? Read the entire piece, because there are more discrepencies being exposed.

Addendum: This coincidence is getting too coincidental:

“The refrigerated truck that bodies are stored in had just emptied the day before with a mass burial. It is already filling up again, with the bodies of children. ”

What a strange coincidence.

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  1. M. Simon says:

    Media Lies.

    EU Referendum has yet to pick up on A.J.’s story.

    I have been putting this out every where I can:


    The Jerusalem Post says Qana may have been totally staged.

    It is also a story about bloggers.

    Bloggers get results

    BTW we may know where the dead bodies came from. See the A.J. Strata link at the above location

  2. Bishop Hill says:

    There is a suggestion that the mortician from Tyre was the person who got the casualty figures wrong.

  3. Snapple says:

    Here are two sites that may use staged pictures.

    and its new site

    The sites defend the pro-terrorist Ward Churchill, but often show gory pictures from the Middle East.

    Maybe someone who knows more about these Reuter’s pictures could look at these two sites.