Aug 03 2006

Tom Delay Back To Congress

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Looks like Tom Delay is heading back to Congress due to one of the dumbest political miscalculations by the left since 1994. I predicted as much a few weeks past.

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  1. retire05 says:

    We Texas Republicans are just shaking our heads wondering what in the hell are Texas Democrats thinking? Do they really think they can defeat DeLay in his own district? I promise you, if DeLay agrees to accept being on the ballot and does run, all the stops will be pulled out with every Republican in Texas campaigning for him. There will be so much money from individuals pour into DeLay’s campaign fund it will look like the Federal Budget.
    Talk about a self-inflicted gun shot wound. I think the TxDems missed their foot and went right for the head.

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Hehehehe! Tom DeLay had to feel vindicated AND feeling great to be greatly appreciated by many. I plan to vote for him again. I’ve a feeling that he will win.

  3. patch says:

    Even funnier is that Tom Delay was saying he was a residnet of Virginia. For that reason he ws subject to Virginia income taxes. (Members of Congress are exempt from state taxes except in their home states.)

    Now however, a federal judge has determined that Tom Delay is a resident of Texas, so Mr. Delay is off the hook for Virginia taxes. Texas has no state income tax. Silver lining for Mr. Delay.

  4. ordi says:


    Since you live is his district, can you give us a read on what the average voter is thinking concerning Delay and the Dem move to keep him on the ballot. What are his chances of winning? Are there any polls put there for this possible match-up?

  5. lurker9876 says:

    This district is heavily republican. I haven’t looked at the polls lately but the word that I’m given is that DeLay has a good chance of winning it. Lampson is a very personable guy. There is alot of money behind him; coming from Hollywood, Soros, and other ultra-liberal. Why? They know that they have to win this district.

    Now the conservatives will be rallying behind Tom.

  6. Jackie Worthington says:

    Hi AJ. I finally got on to say my 2 cents. My dream is that Tom Delay runs and wins big time and is also elected as Speaker. That would send the demos over the top for a long time.
    Thanks for your site and understanding a less than computer nerd user that is trying her best to learn as I go. Love Orid, Carol,lurker and of course Clarice. Keep up the good work.
    thanks Jackie

  7. retire05 says:

    Jim Bopp, legal counsel for the Republican Party of Texas said today that the 5th Circuit court also ruled that the Democratic Party of Texas had a right to decide who could run on the Republican ticket this November.
    The TxDems view this as a win/win situation. They are trying to get DeLay to withdraw allowing their candidate to run unopposed but in the event DeLay wins, the Democrats intend to declare DeLay as ineligible to hold office since he would no longer a resident of Texas as of election day.
    If, and only if, the SCOTUS decides to hear this case, the justice that is assigned to the 5th Circuit is Antony Scalia.

  8. ordi says:


    Thanks for the info! It will be a fun one to watch!


    I love the way you think! It’s always a good thing to drive the Dems crazy! Of course, that is a short drive! 🙂
    I hope you join in and comment more!

  9. AJStrata says:

    Welcome Jackie!

  10. carol johnson says:


    What they said! Welcome and do join in. Sometimes I think I must be the only non-lawyer type here…LOL. Especially when Clarice is around.

    Ditto on Tom Delay. The next Speaker of the House? Well…maybe he should win Texas first. It sure will drive the Dems nuts!


  11. sdmoderate says:

    Looks like your dreams of driving Dems crazy has fallen flat as Delay is now trying to get his name taken off the ballot so that a write in candidate can have a chance, boy that sure went as planned didn’t it!