Aug 03 2006

Hezbollah’s PR Lies Catching Up To Them

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Everyone worries that Hezbollah is going to come out of the current conflict the winner in some strange twist of PR that makes a military route a loss for the side that did the routing. Pure fantasy. Their simply are a lot of people in the international media who are rooting for the underdog and don’t want to admit that the underdog is rabid, blood thirsty junkyard dog unfit to be around civilized people. Hezbollah, like every fanatical organization, is overplaying themselves. From the use of staged photos to the feigned outrage when Israelis attack rocket launchers placed inside civilian areas. Now Hezbollah is insulting the world’s intelligence (while destroying the credibility of those who attempt to hold Hezbollah up as some respectable, sympathetic, victim) with more faked bravado of their exploits on the battle field:

If Hezbollah-run media are to be believed, then 35 Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed or wounded in Aita Shaab, militants downed an Israeli helicopter and destroyed a house in which IDF soldiers were hiding, and IDF troops are always hit in the back because they are running away.

All these statements are baseless because – despite the impression Hezbollah has made for straight talk – credibility is not its strong suit.

Hat Tip: Drudge. These little games with the truth can only impress a few very naive and gullible people after a while. Out of a world population of 5 Billion, that is still a lot of easily duped people. For some reason they seem to be highly concentrated in the news media. Which I guess makes sense since reporters talk about what everyone else has done or is doing. Having no first hand experience outside repeating stories to the masses they have (a) a very limited personal history of the “doings” and how they get “done”, and (b) they rely on people to feed them the missing gaps in their personal experience. Which is why they can be duped. If a good talker gains their confidence and respect then all sorts of subtle misinformation and false impressions can get through the media mega-phone.

Hezbollah is a viscious, self promoting, hate filled organization of misfits who cannot fit into the modern world and therefore attempt to force, through violence, the modern world to fit to their fantasy of a perfect reality (where they are always in charge – imagine that). There is no class of civilizations. There is a clash of people willing to reach out to others in this world and get along and those who are so insecure they create a false world to live in and demand everyone bow to their image of reality. It really is that simple.

The proof is that in each major religion there are the two groups – the get alongs and the fanatics. Same with each culture. Therefore we are dealing with a mindset that is pervasive within the human population. A mindset opposed to the views and aspirations of that very same human population. A mindset as marginal as a serial killer’s. In fact, one could say democracies are well structured to keeping the serial killers to being simple criminal instead of collecting power and becoming dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, The Taliban and Hussein.

Major Update: RCP has an interesting commentary that feeds right into this subject. The piece exposes the near childish reaction of the news media to try and ignore their mistake in being duped by Hezbollah, instead of correcting their mistake and reporting accurately.

My reader[s] may be wondering what happened to all the coverage from Qana. As usual, when the “liberal” media begin to realize they’ve been had, the story disappears. But it is never properly corrected. We get a few days of blazing headlines, and round-the-dial TV coverage of an “Israeli massacre”, laden with innuendos, and then — the fade-out. This will not do.

It seems the media is naive, gullible and afraid to take responsibility. Big surprise there.

Addendum: After fully reading the RCP link above I can honestly say I think the blogosphere did the world a favor with their questions regarding Qana. This site had a real small role in that and it makes it worth blogging to even participate marginally in making a difference. If the news media will wake up and realize how they had been used and how that poor dead child had been used by Hezbollah, then maybe those children did not die for nothing. There is a certain point where I begin to lump the visciously violent into one big group. We all know the notorious members like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Hussein. They too used dead children to make a point and retain power. So when I see a babies corpse adorned with a photo prop like the blue pacifier (which reader Merlin pointed out early on at this site) I simply see another Hitler holding the baby up for the cameras to abuse. If we can expose the evil behind the costume we did something of value this week. I hope and pray those who died have their honor restored somehow. They were the victims of a war, and they were brought into that war by Hezbollah, who used their dead bodies for PR purposes. If the world sees that maybe they will have their honor restored.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    You are so right on this;

    “After fully reading the RCP link above I can honestly say I think the blogosphere did the world a favor with their questions regarding Qana.”

    This happens so many times. I think even the Israeli’s realized very soon that what they were hearing on Qana wasn’t what happened there.
    but your point was, the blogosphere is making a big difference in the truth getting out. But still we have to be careful, because some sites deliver so much trash, that you can’t believe much or any of it. An example, I was reading a post by Eric Alterman on the HuffPo and I could only read the first paragraph before I realized he was babbling so incoherently that there was no need to read further. I wrote a comment about the post, but HuffPo wouldn’t let it publish. They won’t allow much dissent about their regular posters.
    But you are right, once the liberal press realized they had been “had” on the Qana story it died faster than it started.
    Today I read a story about Snowing in Africa and another about reducing the number of predicted intense hurricanes this year. Don’t you just know this is devastating news to the global warming crowd. Yesterday was the hottest day ever(whoops, last 5 years) in New York City. Was it that hot there 5 years ago? What, we’ve been having ‘ global cooling’ for the last 4 years. No, they are quick to cite facts that support their point: such as hottest day in 5 years as a fact that the world is getting hotter, but ignore the fact that just 5 years ago it was equally as hot. WTF.

  2. crosspatch says:

    The media reaction is typical. They scream some information plastered on the front page and used as the lead item in radio and tv newscasts. Then when it is shown to be inaccurate, silence. Sometimes they will broadcast a correction (at 3am) one time and then go silent. But in any case, the accurate information never gets the light that the inaccurate information did so even after they go silent on the issue, more people are left with the inaccurate impression than the accurate one.

    All in a day’s work for the manipulation machine we call the mainstream media.

    But thanks to the bloggers, the media is having to come off this stuff pretty quickly these days. One public service the blogs are performing is keeping the media’s feet to the fire. Maybe the in the long run we will end up with better mainstream media but it is going to take time.

  3. rocketsbrain says:

    AJ you’re quite right!

    Sam Pender and RBT believe that IDF is:

    ISRAEL – IDF/IAF have “ropadoped” Hez big time!

    As you suggest the MSM has not realized this and have been pawns in Hez’s propaganda campaign. The MSM just can’t get it right and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

    Thanks for your coverage on the Qana incident to get the truth out.
    Read more with links to other strategic thinkers in the Blogos.


  4. ISRAEL – IDF/IAF have “ropadoped” Hez big time!…

    HT “Sam Pender”

    RBT and Sam Pender have been carrying on a high level, back channel discussion re the Israeli IDF tactics in this latest go around with Hezbollah.

  5. The Macker says:

    “some strange twist of PR that makes a military route a loss for the side that did the routing”- Eerily similar to the MSM reporting of the Tet offensive in Viet Nam.

    Your observation that reporters have no real life experience, making them easily duped, is tellingly true. And then we are further subjected to their mindless commentary. Their credentials are little more than those of an entertainer.

    The blogosphere is an “open source” way of documenting actual events and is a welcome corrective to the MSM distortions of the last 40 years.

    Agree that democracies are the best vehicle to manage the misfits in every society and culture. So, as President Bush reminds us, the spread of freedom is our best course.

  6. karlmaher says:

    I’d like to see the media correct their Katrina reporting before getting Qana straight. But whatever.

  7. Hezbollywood/3…

    Ottimo riepilogo, su Arutz Sheva (, di tutte le prove a sostegno della teoria che il “massacro di Cana” sia stato – in tutto o in parte – orchestrato da Hezbollah per scatenare l’indignazione dei mainstream media occidentali. …