Jul 29 2006

If There Is No Moderate ME, Then What?

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The liberals and the EU/UN bureacrats better hope Bush and company are right and a new Middle East is capable of arising from today’s conflict. They better hope a new future is around the corner where democracy and freedoms mellow a cesspool of leftover autocratic rules and antiquated notions of humanities role in the grand scheme of history. A BBC reporter, pining for the Bush administration to fail in the typical, self absorbed mode of modern liberalism, ponders the real question surrounding all of this: what if there is no way to salvage the ME?

There’s talk in Washington of “a new Middle East”, a place where the moderate Arab majority refuse to allow the region to be plunged into conflict by troublemakers like Hezbollah and its allies, Syria and Iran.

So is that realistic, or is it wishful thinking?

America’s critics have certainly been quick to dismiss the idea of a new Middle East which they say is drawn up along lines that suit the US and Israel.

“What new Middle East?” snorted Lebanon’s information minister. He said US proposals for a reformed Middle East had only led to death and destruction in Iraq.

To be fair to the reporter, he does not actually predict the doom of the region. But the left never thinks ahead to the ultimate ramifications of their little fantasies of America failing to turn the tide in the ME. Well, just because they do not have vision to see around the next election doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t.

If the ME rejects America’s efforts to spend blood and treasure to give them their best, last hope for a bright future the region will be condemned to follow the Palestinians into chaos and rot. No one in America will lift a finger or spend a dime to help the ME out if this fails. What would be the point? We will take control of the oil fields to make sure the world economy is not highjacked. But we will end up starving the reqion because the region will have rejected our most sincere efforts and sacrifices and there will be no case that can be made for more money. Any violence they enact will be met with clear examples of our power, probably through a rain of dirt cheap bombs.

The region cannot turn its back on this effort by the West to give moderates the opportunity to take control of their destiny. If they capitulate to the forces of darkness, then they will be left to live in the darkness for the foreseeable future. The world will roll up its walls and turn its back on the region. That is what the liberal dream will end with, because the liberals never seem to dream beyond the GOP losing the next election and running from the region. The argument the region is not capable of existing in the modern world will not doom Bush, it will doom every man, woman and child in the region.

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  1. Terrye says:

    Well what would the Foreign Minister prefer? The old way? The old way would have been to let Israel and Syria turn Lebanon into a parking lot. after all that is pretty much happened before isn’t it?

    Let’s see, we can try a strong man in charge. That backfired. We can let some super power come in and blow things up and then just leave the country in question to war lords and fanatics. That did not work out. We can just turn tail and run. Well now that was a mistake wasn’t it?

    So, if the strong man, running away, war lords etc all failed it seems we will try modern liberal democracy.

    If as the BBC and the foreign minister hopes this does not work because the people of the region are not compatable with the modern world…then what is left? Does that reporter really want to know?

    Do people really believe that we will allow the world economy to be run by a bunch of backwards autocratic fanatics? Somehow I doubt that would be seen as an improvement.

    It is not the Bush administration that has failed. The region is a mess. It has been a mess for as long as anyone can remember. Chaos is the natural order. Democracy is the only thing that offers the people any hope for a decent life.

  2. The Macker says:

    “The liberals and the EU/UN bureacrats better hope Bush and company are right and a new Middle East is capable of arising from today’s conflict.”

    How True! The EU will be in a world of hurt if this experiment in democracy fails. And our own liberals/nihilists, by obstructing this courageous president, are beneath contempt.

  3. naiman says:

    Every criticism of the Israeli government’s actions in Lebanon should acknowledge the role of the Bush Administration, which has given the green light, blocked efforts for a cease-fire, and provided the weapons. And the British government, which has supported the U.S. and is allowing U.S. shipments of weapons to Israel to pass through Scotland.

    Robert Naiman
    Just Foreign Policy

  4. Leiif says:

    In case you don’t all know about this. The Isreali’s have created a tool
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  5. AJStrata says:


    Thanks for the information. I had noticed my posts being linked from the site, but I was not sure what the site was all about. It is an honor to be considered a source of important information on the subject.

    Cheers, AJStrata

  6. ivehadit says:

    Things could not be more clear: The object today is to utterly defeat those who want us dead.

    You want to criticize that objective, you are one of those who are no friend to America, as far as I am concerned .

    This enemy does not want our land, our treasures….no they just want us dead. Does this need explaining?

  7. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    If there is a moderate middle east, it is made up of bad muslims–those who do not follow the teachings and demands of the Quran and the prophet. The only way to ensure the growth of an actual “civilization” in these nations is to discredit Islam by exposing the dangers of its diseased teachings and by killing those already infected.

  8. israeliii says:

    The Truth about QANA today, PLEASE READ:

    first. watch this IAF movie which proves that Hizbullah shoot from Qana.

    more movies:

    Hizbullah lies all the time.

    some facts:
    IDF bombed the home at 1:00 AM.

    The first reports about casualties arrived at 8:00 AM, the first pictures at 8:30 AM.

    How about 7 hours passed withput report about casualties ?

    the House was attacked at 1:00 AM, how at 8:30 AM people are running away from that house ? does it take them 7 hours to get out of the burning house ?!

    One injured man from Qana said in the media that the house bombed at 1:00 AM, this is also proves the Hizbullah put weapons in the houses in Qana, and actually the civilians injured because of the weapons that Bombed later at this house or another house next to it (in the pictures you can see 2 houses destroyed). the IDF bomb probabaly caused damage to the house, and later the fire bombed the Hizbullah weapons, and the building collapsed.

    Moreover, in this operation died more than 10 Hizabullah people, is was reported in the media. This proves the Hizbullah involvement.


  9. israeliii says:

    About Qana today:

    One of the heads of IAF Amir Eshel: “The building bombed at 00:00 to 1:00 AM.”

    “another targets away from the building were bombed at 2:00 AM and 7:30 AM, and destroyed successfully.”

    “The building collapsed only at the morning, we can’t understand what happened in the 7 hours between.”

    There was more than 5 hours to the ambulances to arrive !!! and how can you explain that the civilians escaped from the house injured only at 8:30 AM ???

  10. israeliii says:

    PLEASE watch and see the Israeli side !