Jul 29 2006

US Capture 4 AQ Suspects In Afghanistan

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Interesting news breaking from Afghanistan. Seems the US has captured 4 key Al Qaeda planners in Afgahnistan. The other news is 18 Taliban have been killed in operations across the country. While the terrorists are attempting a push back, it seems that it could be faltering.

US-led troops arrested four suspected Al-Qaeda militants in a raid in eastern Afghanistan while at least 18 Taliban rebels and four policemen were killed during the latest fighting in the insurgency-plagued country.

“The purpose of the operation was to capture Al-Qaeda operatives who have been involved in the planning of attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in eastern Afghanistan.”

Fourteen Taliban fighters were killed on Friday in a “clearance operation” in southern Helmand province’s Garmser district, which was briefly over run by the militants early this month, the interior ministry said.

Hopefully these actions will lead to more arrests and cleansing.

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