Jul 29 2006

Political Genius

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The GOP have just stolen a big issue right out from under the Democrats by passing a minimumn wage hike (first in 9 years, so there is plenty of cost-of-living room to raise this safely) along with making permanent a series of middle class tax cuts that are just common sense (like education tax deduction). Now the Democrats have a choice: lose the issue or be shown as self absorbed opportunists. Too funny.

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  1. sdmoderate says:

    You are right, they have taken away a possible democratic campaign issue but it certainly wasn’t out of their willingness to help the working poor.

    It is purely election year politics, that so-called middle class tax cut that you mention is the estate tax cut that republicans have been trying to get through the Senate that basically affects only the richest of Americans hence it’s other name, The Paris Hilton tax cut. That poison pill added to the bill pretty much ensures that the bill will never make it out of the Senate.

    All the GOP has done is ensure that the minimum wage increase will no longer be a campaign issue for democrats in November and also will never see the President’s desk.

  2. AJStrata says:


    I suggest you read more carefully before demonstrating how little you know. The tax CUTS included are many. And the estate tax covers all the mom-and-pop companies because those are the outfits being sold to big corporations because the family cannot pass the business on and pay the taxes. Education, local taxes, etc are included. BTW, the poor do not make the minimum wage. The minium wage is nearly universally made by young, entry level workers in their first jobs. That is also a fact. That is why they left is no darn good at any policies. They do not understand the issues, they just believe the bumper stickers!

  3. The Macker says:

    It is a fact that the Bush tax cuts have revived the economy and once again proved the Laffer Curve to be valid.

    Class warfare rhetoric is the refuge of the economically illiterate.