Jul 29 2006

Bush Takes Winning Over Polls

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The news media are so easily manipulated you would think they have the common sense to at least be embarrassed about it. We have an election coming in the US. Bush’s poll numbers are down and his party would NORMALLY be expected to lose seats in Congress. The Jihadists and far left in this country want one thing, to diminish Bush’s efforts to win in Iraq and the ME in general. So what does the Jihadist do to try and weaken America’s resolve to win the war on terror? They bomb India, start a war in Lebanon with Israel, they step attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan. They attempt to create an image of hopelessness so Americans win lose their will and surrender.

And what does the leftwing and media do? They beg to surrender in Iraq and run away. They cripple our defenses by claiming the war on terror is actually a war on American civil liberties and that there is no Jihad against America just Bush out for oil (simple minds havse simple ideas). The media breathlessly reports the disintegration of the situation in Iraq, as the Jihadist expected and hoped. The media ignore the take over of control by Iraqi’s in order to not dilute any possible bad news.

Ramsey Clark calls on Bush to be impeached for the high crime of being an ally of Israel, Kerry keeps trying to set a date for our surrender, and the NY Times keeps exposing secrets because, in their mind, 9-11 is over. So what does Bush do?

Bush listens to his generals and redoubles our efforts. We were hoping for a draw down in Iraq this fall because the media has been begging for one. The result was energizing the insurgency to step up attacks. Bush and his military leaders understand the stratey going on here (including the lefty-useful-puppets’ role) and, instead of capitulating, he raises our troop strength to hold onto the progress we have made and paid for in blood.

Barely a month after commanders in Iraq proposed a troop reduction plan, the Pentagon is reversing course to bolster Baghdad security — all but eliminating hopes for a large-scale pullout of U.S. forces this year.

The leaad in any story reflects the goal of the story. It is worked over the hardest and sets the tone for all the ‘information’ to come. What is evident in this lead is the media’s hopes for surrender are being dashed. No mention respect or tip of the hat to Bush for resolving to win. Simply disappointment troops are going to stay. It is all bout troop levels and nothing about being good to our word and making sure those who did die in this cause did not die for nothing. The lefties have only one thing in mind and it is not honor, dedication, respect or resolve. It is their opportunistic desires to win elections:

Asked about the chances of getting down to 100,000 before the November congressional elections, one Bush administration official quipped, “I wouldn’t take that bet.”

That official was probably completely disgusted with the crassness of the question. To liberals everywhere there is no better cause than their return to power. It is not about America, or saving the ME from terrorists, or defending against another 9-11, or simply staying the course until the end we said we would drive for is met. Nope, it is all about them and votes. Pathetic. But then again being used by the Jihadists to help their cause unwittingly is pretty pathetic too.

Addendum: Bush and Blair explained thier convinctions quite clearly it seems yesterday.

“What has happened in the past few weeks is not an isolated incident – it’s part of a bigger picture,” said Blair. “We really never will understand how we deal with this situation unless we understand that there is a big picture out in the Middle East, which is about reactionary and terror groups trying to stop what the vast majority of people in the Middle East want, which is progress toward democracy, liberty, human rights.”

“That’s the battle that’s going on,” he added.

And, as Bush noted, “The temptation is to say, ‘It’s too tough. Let’s just try to solve it quickly with something that won’t last. Let’s just get it off the TV screens.’ But that won’t solve the problem.”

And the left will never grasp this ‘bigger picture’ because it does not include them winning elections.

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  1. The Macker says:

    This strikes me as the real Viet Nam parallel. The media said it was a hopeless mess and we should get out (Cronkite- Feb 1968) and the Democrats cut off funding to the South Viet Nam government, which then fell, leaving millions of Vietnamese and Cambodians to die.

    The Left, because of its prism, always learns the wrong lesson from history.

    Thanks for your consistently thoughtful articles.

  2. For Enforcement says:

    Whoops, I accidently put this under the wrong post, this is the correct place:
    From above:

    “It is not about America, or saving the ME from terrorists, or defending against another 9-11, or simply staying the course until the end we said we would drive for is met. Nope, it is all about them and votes.”

    And what do they want to do if they get the votes, kill babies (abortions) their No. one objective and one other favorite thing for them, raise your taxes. That’s about it.

  3. crosspatch says:

    Just a note to people who might have a short memory. George Bush’s current approval ratings are actually higher than Ronald Reagan’s were in late 1982 and early 1983.