Nov 08 2016

Is Democrat Turnout Cratering?

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Is the Democrat turnout fading? I ask this because I now see three big signs this may be happening. The first is an update this morning from Colorado on the early voting there (Source of this data is here):

CO Early Vote Percent Party 11_08

There is a clear drop off in Democrat voting, along with a clear uptick in Independents.

As I posted this morning, CNN discovered the exact same trends in North Carolina:


Same steady GOP turnout, same fading Democrat turnout, and the same surge in independent turnout.

Update: The following Reuters Poll is NO LONGER available through Nov 7th. It seems to have been pulled down and now ends Nov 3rd (where Clinton still held a lead). More Shenanigans from Clinton Media arm – end update

Then this showed up at Gateway Pundit (H/T Gateway Pundit)


(Click to enlarge)

Hillary’s support is nose diving , just like the turnout data from Colorado and North Carolina.

This cannot just be coincidence. If the Democrats did fade out the last few days of early voting, why would they not continue to fade on election day?

I can personally report the guy handing out Democrat sample ballots looked bored and alone in our NoVa polling place. Normally we are pretty tied in terms of candidate support. As of 1 PM, our precinct was already approaching 40% of the registered voters. We get our big voter push in the evenings after work. But I think the Dems are just not out (yet).

If the Dems do stay home

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, the results would be historic.


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  1. MarkN says:

    It would be huge if the “other” overtook the Dems in Colorado when all the ballots are received. (if the current trend continues).