Nov 04 2016

FL Early Voting 11_04_16: All Tied Up!

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There are only 3 days of In-Person early voting left in Florida (ends Nov 6th). The In-Person voting surpassed the longer running Mail-In voting in terms of total votes 2 days ago, on November 2nd. Today, heading into the home stretch, the number of GOP ballots submitted and the number of Democrat ballots submitted are statistically the same at 39.7% of the total votes cast for each party. The GOP has a razor thin edge of 1,833 ballots as of yesterday.

2016 FL Early Voting_11_04

The GOP will likely end up leading the Mail-In Voting (2nd row), the Democrats may end up leading the In-Person voting. I caveat the last prediction because we have no idea how many In-Person votes are still out there. But we do know 70.5% of the requested Mail-In ballots have been returned.

The tightening up of the race is due more to a drop off in GOP In-Person voting, as the graph below shows:

2016 FL Early Vote By Day 11_04

If the GOP voters come out more in these last 3 days, it will help keep the tie in early voting between the parties. This actually happened over the last weekend.

I really do not see any significant changes coming though.  I looked at the averages for the GOP and DEMs over the last 4 days, and the average daily difference 1,676 for the Dems. If I assume the weekend voting is as high as the last 4 days (unrealistic) the Dems will have gained a whole 5,028 votes more than the GOP by the time In-Person voting ends.

The total votes cast as of today is 5,267,750, so a swing of 5,000 votes will not move the bottom line.

What does this mean? It means Florida could be close if it where up to the GOP and DEMs and early voting. But 20% of the total early votes are from Independent and 3rd party voters. If Trump holds his lead with Independents, he wins Florida.

And we saw this in 2012 when Dems won the early vote tally by 43-40%. That extra edge allowed Obama to eek out a very tiny win. Here are the early voting numbers by party ID and the final tally from 2012:

Early Votes: 4.3 million

Democrats: 43%

Republicans: 40%

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,_2012″>helped push Obama over the top in Florida to beat Romney:

                                      President Barack Obama, 2012 portrait crop.jpg Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 8.jpg
Popular vote       4,237,756   4,163,447
Percentage        50.01%   49.13%

Three things:

  • The early vote total is way up over 2012 (4.3 million to 5.3 million – and counting).
  • Back in 2012 the two main parties accounted for 83% of the early vote total. They are down to 80% this year.
  • The Early Vote in 2012 was ~5% of the total vote (4.3 million to 8.3+ million total).

The GOP is outperforming their 2012 levels, as are the Independents. The Democrats are voting in what appear to be larger numbers than 2012, but they have lost ground as a percent of the total votes.

I do not see a reasonable path for Hillary to win FL assuming the race is tied as polls show.

Of course, if the race is not tied, and there is some hidden energy out there for Trump or Clinton, this will not be even close. Next update will be on Monday to recap where we are when the In-Person voting ends.

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