Jul 16 2006

Iranians In Lebanon Warring With Israel

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Seems the Iranian President was not kidding when he said he would attack Israel if the West messed with Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Israeli officials charged that elite Iranian troops operating in Lebanon were involved in the Hezbollah offensive, and were responsible for firing an Iranian-made, radar-guided C802 missile – not the unmanned bomb-laden drone originally reported – that struck the warship on Friday, killing four sailors.

“There are Iranian officers belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard among Hezbollah and they operated the missile,” said Israeli Vice Prime Minister and elder statesman Shimon Peres.

Actually, the single shot hit by the forces in Lebanon indicates a guided missile. There is little chance the shoot-and-pray missiles Hezbollah are using in Southern Lebanon would hit a ship at sea like this (more here). Iran has declared war on Israel and everyone but the elite media seems to understand this. It is time for the US and UK to get off the sidelines. We have the hammer for Iran from our forces in Iraq and elsewhere in the region. Time to give Iran a few taps as a signal of what will come if they do not retreat in full from Lebanon.

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  1. Carol_Herman says:

    And, then what followed were harder hits inside of Lebanon. And, the radar stations were all taken out. Because it took RADAR STATIONS to guide the missile to its target.

    And, on another page, the US Navy is learning a thing or two about iran’s capabilities. Since, the stuff you see, here, has to be repeated THERE. In other words for arse-and-alls to work, you need to have RADAR. And, the American fleet in the Straits of Hormuz. And, beyond. Now knows this.

    There’s plenty of ways to disrupt the reception. Israel just put this information OUT for all to see. Won’t help the iranians in the long run.

    And, I’ll bet ya, now that Haifa took a hit, the Israelis are in no mood at all to compromise.

  2. Mark78 says:

    It would be interesting to see if the Bekaa Valley is finally cleared out and whether or not Saddam’s WMD made their way there.

  3. Oldcrow says:

    Actually the C802 can be launched on bearing only you really don’t need a radar to guide it since it has a seeker built in also any radar will do it does not have to be the radar associated with the C802.

  4. Carol_Herman says:

    An Egyptian vessel, perhaps a cruise ship, was also hit. And, it required sea rescue of those on board. Yet we hear nothing.

    Plus, ALL the radar’s gone, now, from Lebanon. That’s why there were hits as far as Tripoli, by the Israeli air force. And, a “light house” was taken out, as well.

    Syria, also, now, seems to be a transit point, as arabs will duel nationalities (for instance Passports to Denmark), are attempting to leave via damascus. It’s as if the entire Middle Classes of syria and lebanon are on the move!

    This benefits the nut in Iran? How so?

    It also seems that hezbollah’s hideouts have been hit. Even those under parking garages. And, 18 story apartment buildings.

    For some reason, this forced nasrallah to make a video appearance. And, if it’s not psychological for him, yet, to find sleeping places; I’d bet he’s checking out the kitchens in restaurants. To find out if he can disguise himself as a tablecloth. So he can move inside. And, sleep inside one of the big soup pots.

    I don’t know about “time running out.” But Israel wasn’t sleeping for six years; as nasrallah built up Southern Lebanon into a missile depot.

    I also notice that Assad is NOT sending up an jet fighters. Nobody seems to be ordering the pilots into the air.

    And, IF the conscrips gathering now are sent UP, it means they’ve got to crawl to the top of the Golan. Not so easy; unless they’re trained mountain climbers. And, they climb up without injuries. Being that they’d be targets to helicopters. (They’d be targets to gatling guns, too. But I don’t know if Israel has any C-10’s). Gosh, I hope they do.