Jun 23 2005

Karl Rove Comments

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He is NOT an elected official (Senators) of this country, He did NOT disparage our military or our country, He did NOT help the recruitment PR for terrorists, He did NOT make baseless claims (he just stretched them too far and too broadly).

So there is no meat there. Democrats would have been smarter to not respond and give it press time.

Nuff said.

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  1. […] In this post, dated Jun 26, 03, I wrote:In 1998 Saddam kicked out the UN inspectors and started to ramp up his WMD programs again. When 9/11 happened, and GWB called Iraq a founding member of the Axis of Evil, Saddam knew that having WMD would be very dangerous to his regime. However, he wanted to maintain the ability to reconstitute his WMD programs once the pressure of inspections, sanctions and GWB’s war on terror abated. So he buried as much as could, destroyed what he couldn’t hide, and threatened his scientists with death if they revealed anything. Saddam also realized that his military was relatively weak, so he still needed WMD to deter his internal enemies, the Kurds in the North, the Shiite’s in the South, as well as Iran and Israel, which both had unfinished business with Iraq. He maintained the threat of WMD by letting his enemies believe he still had them. Perhaps some of the evidence that Powell described, such as radio intercepts, were part of a campaign of deception by Saddam. The US military certainly believed he had chemical weapons at a minimum. At the same time, the failure of the UN inspectors to find any WMD allowed Saddam to plausibly deny their existence, making it difficult for the US to make its case to the world and assemble a coalition against him. But Saddam was too smart by half.The Stratasphere links to an NBC interview with Ronald Kessler about George Piro, the FBI agent who interviewed Saddam. The key quote:the former Iraqi leader had deliberately tried to “fool the U.S.” into believing he had weapons of mass destruction because “he wanted Iranian leaders to believe that he had nuclear and biological weapons.” The FBI agent, named George Piro, also reported that Saddam Hussein “hoped the post-Gulf War sanctions on Iraq would dissolve, allowing him to pursue a nuclear capability.”Score one for this humble blogger. Posted by: Pat on Nov 13, 07 | 5:23 pm | [0] comments [0] Views | Permalink | [0] TrackBack | Go to Main Page Random Posts It’s dirty pool time I’m Back You want buses, you had buses var site=”sm6blogger” Judicious Asininity >>www.asininity.com 2004PHP […]