Oct 19 2016

Live Blogging Last Debate 2016

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Update 11:10 PM Eastern:

My  view: Trump did very well. Clinton failed. Watch the polls, because HRC slung mud and Trump had solid answers. Trump win.

Update 11:07 PM Eastern:

Sorry for the delay.

Wallace: Entitlements: can we save medicare and social security/

Trump: Grow the economy and repeal Obamacare and we can save these programs. Change course or not.

Clinton: Put more money n trust fund by raising taxes on rich. I will not cut benefits for low income and women. She is responds with policy numbers. ACA extended Medicare (Trump: your husband disagrees with you – shots landed).

Wallace: final time together. 1 minute for closing statemrnts

Clinton: I am reaching out to everyone (even Les Deplorables?). She has seen POTUS up close and stand  up to famines (the little people) Give me a chance

Trump: She is raising money from the people she wants to control. We need defense, we need law enforcement. I will do more for Latinos and African Americans than she can do in 10 lifetimes.

Update 10:59 PM Eastern:

Wallace: National Debt – now 77% of GDP. Historic (and shocking) level. Next 10 years will grow to 80-100%. What will you do about it?

Trump: What will do about it – grow jobs. Kick start the economy and jobs and tax collection will rise. debt will slow or stop. We have political hacks making deals. We don’t use business people, we use hacks. So Clinton has no hope. Business leaders know how to grow the economy.

Clinton: When was America great??? Trump has been criticizing our government since 1987 (is this bad?).  He saw this before most (but not all). Most people (voters) see the  country on the wrong track, and we cannot blame our leaders? Is she serious? She promises (like all pols before her) she pays for her programs. Riiiiighht

Update 10:53 PM Eastern:

Trump: We are backing rebels in Syria and we don’t even know who they are! If she had done NOTHING we would be in better off. She has let thousands of refugees into our country and that is a huge risk.

Wallace: Syrian No Fly Zone, will you shoot down a Russian plane?

Clinton: a No Fly Zone makes sense, and we would warn them (Russia) know we are serious. And she claims she will (NOW) vet refugees.Orlando killer was born in Queens, same as Donald (???? – so NY is now the threat???)

Trump: ISIS should never been allowed to thrive. We are outplayed across the board.

Update 10:48 PM Eastern:

Wallace: Why did you say Alleppo has fallen?

Trump: Have you seen Alleppo? Wallace – people are being massacred – Trump , and…. Wallace actually faltered, his voice breaking as he realized how stupid is question was.

Update 10:45 PM Eastern:

Trump: Wikileaks notes John Podesta and Bernie Samders said Clinton is a mistake.

Update 10:42 PM Eastern:

Clinton: Google Iraq??? Dear, we don’t slave to Google propaganda. That is our answer- google it? She is losing it again, we have will go into Syria.

Update 10:42 PM Eastern:

Wallace: Will you put US troops on the ground to control  ISIS.

Clinton: I will not put US troops in Iraq to defeat ISIS (dort of wimpish IMHO). Keep our “eye” on ISIS (and somehow tie it to gun control)

Trump: Mosul is a sad story. We had it, but Clinton lost it. 3 Months ago he read (in the news) that the US will “go after leaders in Mosul”. So the leaders left – pathetic. Obama is full of mistakes, along with her. The leaders are gone (thanks to Obama),  Iran should write us a thank you letter for giving them Iraq (and funding them),.

Update 10:32 PM Eastern:

Wallace: Will you accept results of election?

Trump: I will assess it at the time. There is a lot of evidence of false voters AND media bias HRC should not be allowed to run. She should not be allowed to run based on emails.

Wallace: whining about the peaceful transition.

(Us: not this time, not a given)

Clinton: That is horrifying. FBI concluded there was no case (and of course that WAS rigged). He got her again – the Emmies were rigged. Even Wallace laughed!). Rant and rave

(Us: HRC is NOT how our democracy works)

Trump: What DoJ anmdf FBI did was disgraceful.  Applause!!

Update 10:26 PM Eastern:

Wallace: Conflict of interest at State,  your promise verses pay for play. You and Clinton Foundation

Clinton: (she needs to dig herself out of this one). Everything we did was for “America”. Foundation was world know charity.  Wallace – butts in and wants HRC to answer the question.

Trump: Foundation is criminal enterprise. Saudia Arabia and others who kill gays. In Haiti they “hate” the Clintons.

Clinton: cannot answer, dodges specific answers. Goes to Trump foundation.  Tries to pivot to Haiti, “Trird” to help Haiti. She failed (for those of us who know).

Trump: Our foundation 100% goes to charity. Supported Fisher House veterans.

Clinton: Trump does not pay incone tax. And somehow illegal immigrants pay more than him?

Wallace – so what if you heard Trump before.We heard Clinton’s BS before as well.

Update 10:19 PM Eastern:

Trump: So sad about violence when she (and her followers) promotes violence. Clinton is really rattled and it shows. How can she stand up for America when she is failing against Trump? Watch her nervous smiling.

Update 10:15 PM Eastern:

Wallace: Sex scandals – ugh.  How did this come about??

Trump: HRC campaign. Just like the violence at rallies, where Democrats started violence. It had to be the Democrats who brought out the sex scandals.

Clinton: (first of, she looked scared). Wallace all of sudden protects HRC time when he let her invade his? HRC: Clinton belittles women – and she (and Bill) are not still worse? America is “greater” and “our children” crap.

Trump: Let’s talk about things which are not fiction. A  4 star general is going to jail for lying once to the FBI, and she is lies many time and is running with POTUS without issue. Clinton has no answers. Clinton goes all Enquirer and just loses all credibility. She keeps running to the gutter.

Clinton Sleaze Guns vs legit question about a General in more trouble than Sec of State for same offense??

Update 10:08 PM Eastern:

Trump: 30 years and you accomplished nothing. At State you lost $6B dollars lost. You (and the government) made impossible to use US iron.

Clinton: You called someone fat??? That’s it? Talk about watered down talking points.

Trump: She gave us ISIS, and now she is going to get rid of them??

Update 10:03 PM Eastern:

FYI – had to deal with homework drama, so now we are 20 minutes behind (update times are still wall clock)

Wallace: Did Obama fix the economy?

Clinton: We are out of the recession (really??) We will not add to the debt (resally??)

Trump: India and China are growing 8-10%, America at 1%. So there is no economic revival. Factories closed because of NAFTA. She can say her husband did well, but it kicked in after he was out of office. Clinton lied about TPP was gold standard.

Clinton: Once I read the details I was against. Wikileaks (as reported by me) noted she was against TPP BEFORE the legislation was written to appease labor unions.  She lied. Clinton opposed BEFORE she saw the final language, that was a cover created by her campaign!!

Update 9:50 PM Eastern:

Wallace: Employment and economy

Clinton: Minimum wage, education, blah, blah, blah. Incoherent babble…

And she called in “independent analysts” on her payroll or government payroll  – is there a difference?)

Trump: Let’s get back to why do we (America) pay for everyone’s defense. We need them all to invest in their security. Obama doubled national debt (equal to everyone before him). Negotiate or abandon trade deal, reduce taxes,  etc.

Clinton: Let me translate that (Trump – you can’t) That was the debate take away. HRC claims she is Bill Clinton!?!?!?!?! She is losing this debate horribly.

Update 9:43 PM Eastern:

Trump has her rattled. Trump wants our rich allies to pay for their owb defense. Trump wins again

Update 9:40 PM Eastern:

Wallace to Clinton: Your dream is open borders in a speech where you were paid to talk.

Clinton> Electric grid open borders, but this is all a conspiracy from Wikileaks and Russian government.  OMG. Will Trump admit the Russians are attacking Clinton???

Trump: How did she pivot from open borders to Putin. (Clinton’s  smirk is a “tell”). If Russia and the US got along how is that bad? Putin does not respect.

Clinton: Trump a Putin puppet?? I know this is poll tested, but is insane what she is saying!! This is pathetic.

Trump: She has no idea who behind this.

BTW, we know how intel folks who are not with HRC. Trump: nobody should influence the election. But HRC and Obama have been out smarted time and again.

Trump wins.

Update 9:34 PM Eastern:

Next question: Amnesty and immigration.

BTW: Trump is so calm. It is very different.

Trump: drugs part of the amnesty invasion. Even NH is feeling the problem. We need the wall, stop the drugs, deport the criminals.

Clinton: Carla is worried about deportation – but are they into drugs??? Of course if they are not criminals they may not be deported. Clinton is making the hyperbolic claim we deport everyone.  Violent criminals need to be deported (same as Trump). Finished with “Path to citizenship”

Trump: HRC wanted and fought for the wall. She failed to get the wall,

Wallace AGAIN interrupted Trump and gave his time to her!!!

Clinton: now fillibustering.

Wallace is in the tank for Clinton.

Trump: Obama had deported millions. So fuggataboutit.

Update 9:26 PM Eastern:

Second Supreme Court question: Abortion

Trump: He will promote justices that are pro-llife.  So it will go back to the states.

Clinton: Support Roe vs Wade and Planned Parenthood.

Wallace: Fetus has no rights. What about this:

Clinton: dodges around late term abortions – life of the mother

Trump: you can take the baby and “rip it out” of mother on the final day.

Full disclosure: we have twins and we have had this decision.  And Doctors push reductions to cover their ass legally. Trump right, if the baby is viable the mother will usually survive.

Trump wins again.

Update 9:20 PM Eastern: No conspiracy, but HRC has won all three coin tosses for first response. Notice no handshakes anymore.  First topic is Supreme Court, strict constructionist or interpreting

Clinton: What kind of country do we want to be. Rich and powerful or LGBT (rwally??). Awkward and unconnected response.  No reverse to Roe  vs Wade, So status quo. Court needs to stand up to the “powerful”???

Trump: Supreme court is what it is all about. Need the right justices (referenced Gingsburg comment she needed to walk back), Uphold 2nd Amendment under siege. Very focused response. Pro-life and 2nd ammendment

Summary: 2nd Amendment vs LGBT – goes to Trump.

Open discussion via Chris Wallace: Goes after Clinton on 2nd Amendment.

Clinton: Claims she support 2n Amendment (really??), but need more laws.  Guns should not threaten people.  Sounds like a retread.

Trump: How will you ensure 2nd  Amendment protected.  Clinton was angry at the SC decision.

Wow: Chris Wallace interrupts Trump to give time to Clinton? That just pissed off everyone!! Where is Trump’s time Wallace??

Can you say Media in HRC’s corner.

Trump again: Chicago with tough laws and most violent city. Trump proud of NRA endorsement. Trump will pick justices to protect.

Trump wins.

Update 8:58 PM Eastern:  One note to everyone – debates are best watched in C-SPAN where they resist the need to translate to “Le Deplorables”.

We go into the last debate with the mudslinging at an ridiculous high, the news media in the tank for Hillary, and the nation fed up with the direction if the country.

Clinton represents the status quo. Trump represent “sea change” (e.g. Congressional term limits). Clinton needs to break away tonight. Trump just needs to be a reasonable risk. Unlike the news media (had to turn off O’Reilly because he was so in the elitist tank), Trump simply needs to show there is little risk in him being POTUS, unlike Clinton who will continue down the wrong path.

See you at 9:20 PM Eastern!

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