Jul 13 2006

Israel At War

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It is not surprising Israel has decided to not let things get out of hand with these raids into their country and the kidnapping of their people for potential snuff films. We all know what a Islamicist does with a hostage. The only response is to send a clear signal to the Muslim world that these brutal acts of bloodlust will not go unpunished. I hate to see all this happen and potentially innocent people get killed, but a country must protect its citizens. Hezbollah and Hamas were not forced to kidpnap people, they did it to terrorize. The terrorists want sobbing victims in front of video cameras to saw their heads off. Well, Israel has an answer. After watching Nick Berg and others die this way no one in the West should challenge Israel’s actions since they were obviously provoked by the Islamicists. No raids and kidnappings means no planes and bombs and tanks and soldiers. This ain’t rocket science. The only way to end all of this is to turn over the Islamicists and purge them from Muslim society once and for all. And that must be done by the Muslims.

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