Jun 23 2005

Earth To Dems…

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The democrats strategy these days seems to be one of mindless fixation. In the Washington Post today we learn that Sen Carl Levin is planning to hold up a nomination for defense policy chief, because he wants information on the outgoing chief! And why does he need information on the outgoing chief in order to form his opinion (i.e., make excuses for his obstructionist ‘no’ vote)?

The senior Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee has warned the Pentagon that he may block the nomination of a new defense policy chief unless documents involving the departing policy head — Douglas J. Feith — are turned over for review.

In this instance, Levin is trying to press a probe, begun two years ago, into how Feith and his subordinates shaped the administration’s view of the relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda before the U.S. invaded Iraq.

Senator, I hate to point this out – but we are in Iraq already. We took out Saddam, we helped establish a governing council until the basic infrastructure for voting was in place, once sufficient government organizations were reasonably functioning again we transferred power to the Iraqi’s, and they have held their first free elections since Jimmy Carter was in office. In August the current transitional government of elected Shia, Sunni and Kurdish representatives will be producing the Iraq constitution, and in October the people of Iraq will take their final steps in creating a Muslim/Arab democracy in the heart of Mesopotamia.

Earth To Carl!! We had a congressional vote approving this action. In fact we had congressional votes as far back as 1998 making this our national goal.

What do you think it tells the American people when they see this stubborn, myopic, obssesion over what was, and still is, the left’s inability to make their case against taking all these successful actions?

It tells us the left never learned to ‘move on’, despite the catchy name for their guiding PAC. It reminds us that the left had no alternative to these actions except to keep Saddam in power killing good people, training evil people and fomenting hate at us, while we wrung our hands in the UN. It reminds us that no good deed or result is acceptable to the left unless they can get credit for it.

Democrats, are there no current issues you want to work to solve in partnership? Is there anything on your radar screen besides political revenge because you are now the minority political party? Is there nothing but your frustration with George Bush and the Reps to motivate you?

When will you ‘move on’ and get past the fact your party is not in charge of the White House and cannot pick people for administration positions?

When are you going to let go about elections that were not even close, and whose problems are always in democrat run precincts managed by democrats.

And when, oh when, will you get over Tom Delay!

I know some may say this looks like a strong political push (or is that putsch?). But these are people who see the political exchange in this country as a war for all time, where the evil hordes from the right, in their brown shirted columns, are taking over the last bastion of nirvana….

Earth to dems – you are not white knights in shining armor coming to save the day. Your just the last of a political ideaology whose time as come and gone. An ideaology which is being replaced with something that is a combination of liberalism and conservatism and capitalism and internationalism…..

Stop looking back at the past and fantasizing about times when liberalism was the dominant ideaology (and rightfully so). They weren’t always the greatest of times anyway.

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