Sep 30 2016

Deepest Denial Of All

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Major Update:  As the bellwether’s turn (against Clinton):

Trump now leads in Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio and North Carolina – all states Barack Obama won his first term – according to Real Clear Politics averages.

End Update

This election year is proving to be very angst-driven for the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC).

The Political Industrial Complex encompasses all those elites whose livelihoods are predicated on central-control of resources and who determine who is allowed to succeed in society. It is a bipartisan exclusive club. It includes the Politicians and their career staffers. It includes crony donors and lobbyists who reap government windfalls and special treatment that average citizens cannot obtain. It includes the PIC industrial base of pollsters, consultants, etc. And it includes the pliant news media, whose success rest on access to those in power, and in return for access making sure no bad news will disrupt said power.

And boy are they shaking in their boots this year over Donald Trump. Which is a great sign if you are in the majority of people who believe this country is on the wrong track, who hold an unfavorable view of government (especially the federal government) and who have lost all respect for the Fourth Estate (“news” media).

The denizens of the PIC have literally (not figuratively) lost it. Check out this deep, long, river of denial from the Gray Lady (NY Times):

After decades as one of America’s most reliable political bellwethers, an inevitable presidential battleground that closely mirrored the mood and makeup of the country, Ohio is suddenly fading in importance this year.

Emphasis mine. I almost spewed my coffee reading this! Ohio has the longest winning streak of any state in terms of indicating which party will win:

Ohio – 2 misses (1944, 1960) from 1896 on (93.3%, slightly “too Republican”). Currently the longest perfect streak.

Interesting enough, there are three other “bellwether” states listed:

Nevada – 1 miss (1976) from 1912 on (96.2%, slightly “too Republican”).

New Mexico – 2 misses (1976, 2000) from 1912 on (92.3%, “neutral”). The state of New Mexico voted for the winner of the popular vote in 2000.

Florida – 2 misses (1960, 1992) from 1928 on (90.9%, slightly “too Republican”).

Today, on the RealClearPolitics site, these states are listed as OH +2.0 Trump, NV +2 .3 Trump, NM (no current data) and FL +1.2 Clinton.  So it would seem the bellwethers are mostly predicting a close race.  So keep that in mind as we explore the depth of the NY Times denial:

Hillary Clinton has not been to the state since Labor Day, and her aides said Thursday that she would not be back until next week, effectively acknowledging how difficult they think it will be to defeat Donald J. Trump here.

OK, Clinton is losing in Ohio.  Must be all those coal miners and other blue collar and union  “Deplorables” she impressed with her campaign. And of course, the NY Times understands exactly what is happening:

Ohio has failed to keep up with the demographic changes transforming the United States, growing older, whiter and less educated than the nation at large.

Oh my! Not sure how you “grow older” AND “less educated”. The wisdom of any life well spent is nothing to be sneezed at – unless of course you are an arrogant, young, over paid elitist with you nose up in the air! This reeks of desperate rationalization, aimed more at avoiding an unfortunate truth (which also seems to be brewing in NV and FL). Especially after you read this bit of brilliance:

But its Rust Belt profile, Mr. Trump’s unyielding anti-trade campaign and Mrs. Clinton’s difficulty energizing Ohio’s young voters have made it a lesser focus for Democrats this year. As Mrs. Clinton’s aides privately note, the demographic makeup of Florida, Colorado and North Carolina, which have a greater percentage of educated or nonwhite voters, makes those states more promising for Democrats in a contest in which the electorate is sorted along bright racial and economic lines.

Hmm, FL, CO and NC – none of which are showing anything more than a tight race…

The LATimes daily tracking poll today has Trump up significantly:

It would seem to me Ohio has not lost any of its predictive abilities.

On another front, you can sometimes learn the quality of a person more by his enemies than his supporters. So if you fall into the anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP, anti-globalism, the-UN-is-incompetent camps, then you will enjoy this bit of news:

The United Nations News Centre — the official U.N. news service — tweeted, then quickly pulled, a post that called for “8 million Americans abroad” to “stop Trump.”

The tweet, published at 9:14 p.m. ET on Thursday, urged American expats to share a voter registration tool on the website of the activist organization Avaaz that states, “U.S. Citizens abroad could defeat Trump … if they voted.”

The Web page, titled “The October surprise that will end Trump,” allows users to sign up for help registering to vote in the Nov. 8 presidential election and encourages them enlist their friends as well.

“At a time when Trump is trying to divide us, we could help defeat him if we all share this page with EVERYONE. Let’s reach every US voter abroad,” it reads.

The tweet was deleted within 20 minutes, without explanation.

Of course the globalists don’t want Trump to upset their little cash cows. And this peak behind the curtain that is the International Political Industrial Complex (IPIC) is not surprising.

If this is how the PICs in America and Brussels are responding to Trump – he just may be on to something!

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2 Responses to “Deepest Denial Of All”

  1. Chikung69 says:

    I am supportive of Trump and a Anbody But Clinton voter. But this latest post looks like some wishcasting. I watched the clip on Gateway and looked up those batleground polls on RCP. None of them were post debate polls. The LA Times poll is dated today, 9/30 but is in itself a rolling average from the past week, so it may not contain true debate data. Also, the LA Times poll (go figure) has been the only poll to consistently run “hot” for Trump.
    Check for yourself. RCP battlegrounds are through 9/22.

    I fear there will be a big bump for Hillary. I think Trump had a good top third of the debate and then lost it. My wife was hoping she would like him (She heard a radio stump from a month ago and was shocked she actually agreed with him) but she came away hating him. Will never cast a vote for him now.

    I got suckered by the polls during the Romney/Obama matchup. I swallowed all the stuff about how they were wildly oversampling Democrats etc.
    I am trying to be as objective as I can this go around. To level set expectations.

    I hope you are right. I really do. I just don’t think this is the bellweather sign.

    Hoping for a “Brexit” situation.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Guilty on the wishcasting. But hey, anything wrong with a little hope and confidence?