Jul 09 2006

Fear The Mathematicians!

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I know liberals tend to be very weak in mathematics (which is why they are so easily duped by news articles where 10 million phone records is somehow the same as spying on the 100’s of millions of personal, business and mobile phone numbers in the US. So I am not surprised that a leftwing rag in San Francisco has concerns that the NSA is a hotbed of, you guessed it, mathematicians

The National Security Agency is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside a code. Secrets lie within. Located in Fort Meade, Md., it dwarfs the CIA. Its budget is black, unknown. And, most disturbing of all, it is the world’s largest employer of mathematicians.

Emphasis mine. “The most disturbing of all”? Talk about your fear of nerds. Again, the left is all concerned when we treat terrorists the same as drug lords and organized crime kingpins:

One of its secrets, recently revealed, is that it’s monitoring millions of phone calls to learn just who was calling whom. (Technically, only telephone numbers are being recorded, but you don’t have to be Q from James Bond to get a name from a number.) This information was being used to determine who might be a terrorist.

There is that total lack of basic math skills again. The NSA may have records on 10% of the phone numbers here in the US because those numbers were in contact, somehow with a terrorist. Most are innocuous communications (car rentals, reservations, etc), but maybe 10% of those are of real interest. That means there are maybe 1% of all the numbers here in the US of interest. Those evil mathematicians at the NSA are obviously up to no good! But that is not what is important, our civil liberties (i.e., our phone numbers) are so important they must be worth dying for:

Legal or not, the spying program isn’t worth violating our civil liberties for.

Actually, being legal or not is a big deal. If the NSA is has such a small fraction of phone records, then these are more than likely all the result of warranted surveillance. But if the liberals think I am going to risk a terrorist attack because my phone number is in the hands of the NSA (as well as every mortgage and credit card company on the face of the globe) they are kidding themselves. And it means they have a serious case of Bush Derangement Syndrome. No one I know is ready to die for their phone number. But it get’s better, because these liberals are convinced there is no value in knowing when a terrorist is contacting their forward elements here in the US:

The information one can glean will hardly help us win the war on terror.

So, if you think there is no point in trying to stop bombings in tunnels or subways, or the highjacking of airlines to make them into human laden missiles,, or the poisoning of our water or bombing of our schools – vote Democrat. Because the liberals think this is all about nothing but a bunch of out of control mathematicians.

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  1. RBMN says:

    I bet a good percentage of the NSA mathematicians are busy trying to learn if, or how, US government and military encryption schemes can be broken. They better be working on it, because we know China, India, Russia certainly work on it. They’re not just finding better ways to collect enemy data, but I hope they’re doing that too.

  2. crosspatch says:

    And, most disturbing of all, it is the world’s largest employer of mathematicians.

    If you ever worked there, you might have a different appreciation of that statement. Working that that many mathematicians can be quite disturbing, indeed.

  3. MerlinOS2 says:

    At least those math guys are on our side, and word has it they signed the sliderule nonproliferation treaty with the G8.

  4. crosspatch says:

    As someone recently posted on some blog or another:

    How can you tell the extroverts at NSA? They are the ones staring at YOUR shoes as they walk by.