Jun 07 2016

Bursting The Politically Correct BS!

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You know what Main Street America probably hates most about the Political Industrial Complex in America?

Political Correctness.

That nagging, overly sensitive, “can’t call BS on government BS”, muzzling of legitimate thoughts, concerns and OBJECTIONS!

Political Correctness is the shield the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex use to deflect  well-earned blow back by the voters.  Just look at how Donald Trump  this week has offended just about every corner of the Political Industrial Complex (or PIC, which encompasses the career politicians, their staff, the sea of paid consultants and advisors who manage their public image, crony donors and lobbyists and the pliant news media).

It is downright laughable at the reactions! For example:

You know you’re in trouble when you’re being lectured on sensitivity by Newt Gingrich. The former House speaker, a frequent Trump defender, emailed The Post’s Dan Balz to say that Trump’s claim that a federal judge had a conflict of interest because the Indiana-born jurist is “Mexican” was “completely unacceptable.” (He softened his criticism of Trump on Monday.)

Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) concurred that Trump’s attack on the judge and his claim that a Muslim on the bench also couldn’t judge him fairly was “absolutely unacceptable.”

Really? You cannot have a concern that someone’s background has tainted their objectivity? What is more human than having personal biases based on heritage, family or religion? This is WHY we have counter balances and cross checks built into government. Everyone has some biases – doh!

This is good reporting in my opinion:

To defend real estate mogul Donald Trump‘s claim that a federal judge is biased against him because of his “Mexican heritage,” his campaign spokeswoman argued on Monday that it also would be acceptable to accuse a female judge of bias on the basis of gender.

“Well, it would depend on her past and decisions she made as a judge,” Trump’s national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said.

Noting that Trump’s sister is also a federal judge, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Pierson if it would be “awful” to accuse her of bias “in regard to some case because she’s a woman.”

But Pierson would not rule it out, adding that “there is no question that there are activist judges in this country.”

“CNN gives a platform to Black Lives Matter, and that entire premise is injustice in the system due to race,” she said.

So Trump has doubled down and stated people of Mexican heritage could be biased.  People of the Muslim religion could be biased.  Women could be biased.

Where is the shock factor here? Most of the outrage is about someone finally telling the PC crowd they are so full of BS!

What Trump is doing is brilliant. He has all these clowns jumping up and down proving his point – as far as the PIC is concerned no one dares challenge the elites! No one.

Especially uppity voters who support a candidate like Donald Trump.

Has there ever been a better case for Trump than how he plays the PIC? He is nuking Political Correctness so Main Street can finally air their grievances.

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