Jun 01 2016

Why Hillary’s Email Is A Big Election Deal

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The rule that “fish rot from the head first” is a good metaphor to explain what it is about Hillary’s email violations that is so devastating:

When an organization or state fails, it is the leadership that is the root cause.

The problem Hillary has is she wants to lead a high-tech savvy nation into the future. She wants to convince voters of the nation that invented Internet – along with its historic internet-commerce icons like Amazon, Twitter, Miscrosoft, Apple iTunes, etc. – to vote for her as their leader.

But the email fiasco flies in the face of any arguments and claims she wants to make.  That is why this subject is so devastating.

It is not just devastating because most of America’s successful upper middle class understand this issue. It is devastating because those probably most irked by Hillary’s dismissal of email security would normally be a huge voting block for the Democrats.

Let explain why this is.

Email security to most individuals is not about Top Secret data from the State Department.  Email security is all about Identity Theft!

In recent years, the Internet has become an appealing place for criminals to obtain identifying data, such as passwords or even banking information. In their haste to explore the exciting features of the Internet, many people respond to “spam” unsolicited E-mail that promises them some benefit but requests identifying data, without realizing that in many cases, the requester has no intention of keeping his promise. In some cases, criminals reportedly have used computer technology to obtain large amounts of personal data.

So, when most of the middle to upper class voters read about Hillary’s cavalier attitude on cyber security, they naturally see someone who is a risk to everyone around her.  Someone similar to people we have all dealt with who have emailed our Personal Identifiable Information in the open (to our dismay). Or it reminds them of the big companies who exposed millions of normal working Americans to identity theft (see here, here).

Or even worse, Hillary represents similar idiots in government who exposed millions of people to identity theft (see here):

Two months after the Office of Personnel Management disclosed the second of two large intrusions into its IT systems, the government announced Tuesday evening that it now has a firm plan to notify the 21.5 million victims involved and has awarded a $133 million contract to provide current and former federal employees with identity protection services.

Emphasis mine.

The OPM debacle cost the tax payers a lot of money. And this is not an isolated incident in the federal government, which has been attempting to shore up its IT Security for a decade or more. Which brings me to a core democrat voting block in some key swing states: federal workers.

This poll out today explains how bad this is for Hillary:

Half of all voters think that Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as secretary of State was illegal, according to a new Morning Consult poll released Wednesday.

Half the voters get it.  Zero percent of the Political Industrial Complex (the politicians, their staff, the consultant industry, the lobbyists, the donors and – of course – the pliant news media) gets it. They use words like “rules” and “classified label” to try and make the issue esoteric.

But it is not esoteric, it is something federal employees are hammered over day in and day out. People are written up every day for much less breaches of IT Security.

Now most federal workers understand Democrats are for “big government” (i.e., will protect the family income) while the GOP should be for smaller government. But at some point, this reliable democrat voting block will reject the Democrats if they take a step too far. They may just stay home and not vote, but that will be enough in a tight race.

Hillary Clinton’s email problem is not confusing or some abstract issue for a majority of “likely voters”. Her stubborn refusal to come clean with her mistake, to acknowledge it was really, really bad, is pushing voters away.

They know someone like her cannot lead a High-Tech, World Leading nation into the future given this past.

It would be like asking Ralph Nader to be the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – ludicrous!


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