Jun 29 2006

Republicans Know Economics

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If there is any doubt about which party is better for the pocket book (we know which one will take on the terrorists) look no further than today’s report on the first quarter economic growth:

The economy sprang out of a year-end rut and zipped ahead in the opening quarter of this year at a 5.6 percent pace, the fastest in 2 1/2 years and even stronger than previously thought.

When this news is added to the current unemployment rate of 4.6% and the high Federal tax revenues and spending it is clear the Bush-Republican economic policies have revved up America’s economic engine which is pounding on all cylinders despite a war on terrorism being fault in numerous countries and high energy prices.

Anyone ready to throw this all away by electing Democrats who will immediately choke off growth with tax increases and who plan to deal with energy issues by taking away our freedom to travel needs to really think twice about such a move.

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2 Responses to “Republicans Know Economics”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    There goes Hillary’s “It’s the economy stupid mantra”. Guess I’ll send here a note of condolences.

  2. Bill in AZ says:

    er…. year end rut?? Oh, never mind – disAssociated Press