Jun 28 2006

Washington Post Admits Delay Was Punished For Succeeding

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In a blatant article which not only recognizes the ‘revenge’ motivation by the left in dealing with Tom Delay, the Washington Post actually shines an admirable light on the fact that criminal laws and legislation rules were used to take revenge on a person and on people for winning elections and therefore been given the ability, by the people, to dictate decisions on where to take a state or country.

Tom DeLay’s dogged quest for a new congressional map for Texas led to a disciplinary slap from the House ethics committee, his indictment on money-laundering charges, his fall from the House leadership ranks and, this month, his resignation from Congress.

In essence the Post is lauding the use of laws and rules to punish people for using the democratic process to win a mandate from the people and then use it. Each success in reflecting the voters wishes was answered by extra legal efforts by the left to punish the execution of democracy:

In 2002, after a federal court had redrawn a congressional map based on the 2000 census, the Lone Star State sent 17 Democrats and 15 Republicans to Congress. Statewide, Texas had been trending heavily Republican, and DeLay decided that the House delegation should reflect that trend. He and his political action committees pumped tens of thousands of dollars into state elections in 2002 to win Republican control of the Texas legislature.

That fundraising led to DeLay’s indictment in September on corporate money laundering charges and to his resignation from the House leadership.

Typical leftwing thinking. If democracy prevails and the will of the people is against the leftwing causes, punish the acts of democracy and those who dare to challenge the elitists who naively think they run this country (and arrogantly think they are the best and brightest to run this country). Democracy is only tolerated by the left when they are in power. Otherwise it is a thing to be challenged and blocked and stymied. And they call themselves Patriots?

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