Jul 03 2014

Obama’s Frustration Pushing Him To Dig Deeper Hole For Dems

Update: Michael Goodwin makes a similar point to mine below:

Let me be clear: Obama is flirting with disaster. This and other polls show he is losing ground with every group, including African-Americans.

Losing the consent of the governed is a profound event, and there is no easy path back to public grace. The one certainty is that Obama’s angry defiance will dig him a deeper hole.

Read the whole thing – end update

I have to laugh as desperation on the political left and in the White House has unsettled President Obama to such a degree that he has doubled down on actions that will not only lose the Senate to the GOP, but cement his legacy as an incompetent and naive leader.

As I read this politically tone-death article in the Washington Post I realized how well it illustrates the depth of ignorance in the Political Industrial Complex that lives inside the DC Beltway. Let’s start with this correct observation:

President Obama’s displeasure with gridlock in Washington — and with the Republicans he blames for it — has been rising for months. This week it has boiled over.

Consensus-seeking long has been part of the president’s self-perception. He suggests he is the conciliator-in-waiting, lacking only a willing hand across the aisle. But the longer he has faced opposition from enough House Republicans to block action on a series of bills, the more he’s tried to break the gridlock by seeking to capitalize politically.

Whether President Obama has fooled himself into believing he really, truly is the Great Uniter or simply has dooped the author of this article [Dan Balz] is irrelevant.  It could be they are both equally delusional. But Balz does nail Obama’s constant swiping at straw men who he tries to tar his opposition with. Straw men tend to put up barriers to consensus and make the creator of the straw men lazy. Why deal with such creatures (i.e., the straw men) when you are so morally superior in every way!

After all, it was His Glory-ness who was going to make the waters recede and heal the planet – if not for that pesky other political party and their voters!

Apparently, Obama is just now realizing that building up resistance in a government of checks and balances really messes with your mojo:

In the face of widespread disaffection toward Washington and with congressional approval ratings falling below 10 percent, the president wants to be seen as the one person trying to take action on behalf of people. What­ever he can to do to separate himself from other politicians in Washington, the better.

Uh, not “whatever“!

I mean, if Obama declared martial law or went on a murdering rampage against political opponents I am sure that would not help is approval ratings.  So one has to wonder why acts of lesser rampant disregard for the constitution and separation of powers look like a political win? Probably because desperation makes lots of really bad ideas look really good in the heat of the moment:

“We’re not always going to be able to get things through Congress, at least this Congress, the way we want to,” Obama said at his Cabinet meeting. “But we sure as heck can make sure that the folks back home know that we’re pushing their agenda.”

Talk about being blind to the real America. America did not want their health care system FUBAR’d with higher costs, nearly no choice of doctor and totally inept implementation. People are dying who need care. That was NOT what was promised and NOT our agenda.

America does not want a flood of the world’s needy crashing in on our already stressed local communities.  The Obama economy has been a 6 year hangover of deficit spending. We don’t have the resources to keep our own house in order, let alone try and save the BILLIONS of less fortunate souls on this planet. Update: And America sure as hell doesn’t want universal amnesty – which would be followed by fast track citizenship! – end update.

America does not want a VA where our military veterans needlessly die on multi-year wait lists while Bureaucrats cook the books to get their bonuses.

America does not want higher taxes. Does not want higher debt. Does not want rampant incompetence where politically elite buddies walk away from failed government programs with their pockets lined with tax payer money and nothing but ashes in their wake.

Obama is not pushing “our” agenda.  He is pushing His Agenda. And more and more people are coming to realize this. That is why he and the democrats are hemorrhaging independents.

How incompetent is Obama and his sycophant handlers inside the Beltway Bubble? This speaks volumes:

Obama’s goal in all this is obvious. He desperately wants to avoid seeing the Senate fall into Republican hands. The GOP needs to gain only six seats to take full control of Congress for Obama’s final two years in office.

His public appearances, despite whatever comments he makes about his desire to work with Congress, have been designed to sharpen the partisan divisions, to belittle the Republicans, and to say to middle-class families and especially unmarried women that he’s with them and the Republicans aren’t.

Gridlock in DC is not a bad thing. If he was smart he would see how America is reacting to his actions on the southern border, his  IRS targeting Americans getting involved with the political process, his HHS bumbling Obamacare, his VA hiding criminal negligence, his deficits piling up on 2-3 generations, his attempt to hide why four American died in Benghazi, his economic damage expanding the terminally unemployed who have quit the work force, etc, etc. etc. If he was not so frustrated and desperate for a quick political fix he would fix these things and stop the lame excuses.

One thing people can ferret out is a BS-artist. Obama’s desperate flailing is pure panic attack and it is obvious. He doesn’t understand why poking the GOP in the eye has not produced allies. And now Obama is going all Imperial Decree – while wondering why the peon masses are not simply amazed at his audaciousness.

Probably because he can’t see past all those Beltway Sycophants surrounding him and blowing sunshine up his ego.

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  1. oneal lane says:

    Obama knows he will never be impeached so he is going to go for broke. Expect a lot of grand executive action in the next 2 years.
    This is a serious situation, very dangerous for our nation.