Jun 27 2014

Libertarian Tea Party Delayed, Not Defeated

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The recent primary ‘scare’ to the GOP Political Industrial Complex (herein referred to as “the Establishment”) has been misread by just about everyone in the “Establishment”. One of the few exceptions was Jay Cost:

It is important to differentiate the candidates challenging the establishment from the voters backing those challengers. The candidates are either amateurs with no political background or upstarts who refuse to wait their place in line. They often have fewer funds, employ less experienced consultants, and lack the personal assets necessary to campaign effectively. Occasionally, a virtuoso rock star like Marco Rubio emerges, but the typical insurgent is lucky just to know how to hold the guitar.

And yet they have been giving the establishment fits and starts. Cantor lost. Cochran almost lost. McConnell hung on, but had to hustle. And Graham finished with less than 60 percent of the vote despite having worked every angle he could for years.

Establishment politicos often act superciliously toward these challengers, but in so doing they are missing a profound point: The Republican electorate is exceedingly angry and frustrated with their leadership.

It was so heated in Mississippi that Thad Cochran and “the Establishment” had to call out for help from Democrats, who also understand what the Libertarian Tea Party will do to big government if it gains enough political clout:

Surprisingly, more votes were cast in the runoff than in the June 3 primary. McDaniel increased his vote from 155,000 on June 3 to 184,600 last night. But the 25-35,000 Dems who crossed over to vote for Cochran gave him the extra margin to surpass his opponent.

You know “the Establishment” is wigging out if the GOP has to call on Democrats to save them – and the Dems come running! That is some serious concern on display there.

Back to Jay Cost to state the obvious:

The fact that these second- or third-raters can give established leaders such a scare is proof positive. The party’s leadership can snicker at these challengers all it wants, but it had better understand that its own voters are so fed up with them that they are using these deeply flawed candidates to send them a message.

The fact is GOP House Leader Cantor went down in his primary, and Cochran almost did. The fact is the facade has been ripped from the GOP Establishment and as long as they promulgate Big, Bumbling, Bloated government they are fair targets of the Libertarian base of the GOP.

Too many times we saw the GOP kick the fiscal hard choices down the road. Too many times we saw the DC elite pretend to cut back government in those mythical ‘out years’ – which exist right along with those ‘shovel ready’ jobs. Many in the conservative AND independent voting block are fed up. So fed up it took herculean efforts to save an Establishment Senator:

To be clear, the $23 million here is on top of the cash spent by each GOP incumbent’s own campaign. It doesn’t include a dime of what, say, Mitch McConnell’s operation dropped to defend his seat. This is crony money, showered on establishment candidates to make sure the gravy train keeps running.

Emphasis mine. The fact it took so many resources to stop the insurgent wave this round is an indication that the Libertarian Tea Party (not to be confused with the Social Conservatives) voters are still out there, still motivated and still ready to clean house. The insurgency is not dead nor abating.

Probably thanks to President Obama’s Lame Duck madness – where he has decided to ignore the checks and balances of government and implement liberal fantasies across the board. As Obama runs amok the Libertarian backlash builds.  And as it rises it will make sure to clean out more than Democrats in order to set this country right. At some point the parties disappear from view and it is just “the Establishment” in the cross-hairs. Propaganda can only do so much to deter this backlash (refer to Goebbels and the Nazis who also created an enormous backlash in their country before the world rose up to crush their mad power grab).

Obama is leaving such deep scars on this nation it will take years to undo. Years of reminders of why DC over stepped its mandate, years of reminders on why we need to cut back government. Obamacare, borders flooded with illegal immigrants, botched federal programs, dying veterans on interminable waiting list, overpriced green energy, a stalled economy – all these will linger for a decade or more.

The left had the childish idea that if they just opened the flood gates sAmerica could not undo the damage. But anything can be undone once America puts its mind to it.  And the flood gates are actually producing so much damage and stench America will be sick of “big government” for generations. Obama’s desire to rule the minutiae of our lives, like he even has a clue!

Obama is doing the GOP a favor by exposing the Political Industrial Complex for what it is – a greedy, taxpayer money grab. But if the GOP is also caught stuffing its face at the trough, it will be rightfully targeted for termination along with the rest of the Big Government Establishment.

 I will let Jay Cost bring it home:

the Republican party says one thing to get elected, then does another once elected. It pledges on the campaign trail to reduce the scope of government, but in Washington, D.C. it perpetuates the Leviathan, often in support of well-heeled interest groups.

Compare his record with the preamble to the 2012 GOP platform:

This platform affirms that America has always been a place of grand dreams and even grander realities; and so it will be again, if we return government to its proper role, making it smaller and smarter. If we restructure government’s most important domestic programs to avoid their fiscal collapse. If we keep taxation, litigation, and regulation to a minimum. If we celebrate success, entrepreneurship, and innovation. If we lift up the middle class. If we hand over to the next generation a legacy of growth and prosperity, rather than entitlements and indebtedness.

Every Republican candidate can cite a version of this by heart; it has been the gist of the party’s message for nearly 80 years. Yet Cochran is not in D.C. to fulfill these promises. His purpose is to perpetuate what Theodore Lowi once called “interest group liberalism.” He is the modern equivalent of the Gilded Age spoilsman; he parcels federal resources to well-placed factions that, in turn, help secure his reelection. This runs directly contrary to what the Republican party promises to do.

The days are over when the voters will be forced to choose between two options for big government. The Establishment GOP needs to go they way of the Dodo – and fast.

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  2. ama055131 says:

    The problem with the tea party is they have been hijacked by the social conservatives and the people they have put up Angle Akins Murdock O Donnell Miller Buck are so out of touch it has caused the party of stupid control of the Senate

    I may not like the DC establishment GOP but I certainly don’t want to wait any longer to send the D’s back to the minority

  3. Frogg1 says:

    Bravo! Well said, AJ.

  4. FrankTrades says:

    It’s a process, not an event, or even a series of events.

  5. AJStrata says:


    Agreed, but new political movements have to discover the foundation and base, and it will take some cycles to sort out.