Jun 18 2014

Our Stumbling, Bumbling, Incompetent Government

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Scanning the headlines it is clear our federal government is pretty much dysfunctional in many, many  areas. For example, look at this list of our government at work:

But not to worry, DC was able to do get one thing done this week:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has canceled the Washington Redskins trademark registration, calling the football team’s name “disparaging to Native Americans.”

The landmark case, which appeared before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, was filed on behalf of five Native Americans.

Out of all those millions of people being hurt or killed by the incompetence by our federal government, it is nice to see these 5 people where able to over turn the desires of thousands of Redskin fans.’

Just amazing

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4 Responses to “Our Stumbling, Bumbling, Incompetent Government”

  1. MarkN says:

    The world has gone mad.

  2. oneal lane says:

    I have to disagree. It looks like incompetence to those of us who care, but to Obama and his cronies, this is all calculated, going just as planned. Actually their quite talented at achieving their goals. Marxists.

  3. Rick C says:

    I have to go with incompetence. Obama hates to look bad r admit mistakes. But, everything he touches turns to lead. His foreign policy is a complete shambles with catastrophe being heaped up catastrophe. His supposedly signature program, ObamaCare, is imploding before his (and our) eyes. Yesterday it was reported ObamaCare has resulted in premium increases of 49% and it is clear the premium subsidy will exceed what is budgeted.

    Still Obama continues on stumbling from one failure to the next. No wonder he prefers golf and vacations.

  4. oneal lane says:

    If you keep in mind the “end game” is to overload and breakdown the current systems in order impose new systems, then Obama makes perfect sense.