Jun 23 2006

More Terrorists Found On US Soil

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The news we have arrested 7 terror suspects in Miami, not long after the arrests in Toronto, Canada, underscores the problems we have been having with our political leadership in this country. From the story:

Seven people were arrested Thursday in connection with the early stages of a plot to attack Chicago’s Sears Tower, the FBI office in Miami and other buildings in the United States, the Associated Press reported Thursday, citing an unnamed federal law enforcement official.

The people rounded up apparently are mostly young American Muslims with no direct ties to Al Qaeda. Details are suppose to be out later today, but it seems these you ng men were not the most discreet and garnered the attention of local resident who most likely tipped off law enforcement. But what it does represent is the need to be ever vigilant and not for America not to relax and let our guard down.

The Democrats have been political opportunists on the matter of privacy in attacking the NSA’s terrorist surveillance program which monitors known overseas terrorists, and when these thugs make contact with someone in the US, the NSA turns that lead over to the FBI who then can use FISA to monitor the US contact. For some reason Democrats (and a few unthinking Rep like Specter) think attacking this process is worth the votes they will get.

Recently, the GOP has been politically opportunistic in defeating any opportunity to protect our borders and sift out those who pose no threat (we know they would come forward for the guest worker program) so we have a chance of identifying any more terrorist plots perculating inside our borders. But here too, pols and talking heads feared the possibility that an immigrant here illgeally now would have the chance to be a US citizen in 2016-2021. That fear (and the votes they hope to get from that fear) have left us exposed.

If even on of these people is in the country illegally, we can thank the GOP for not doing anything about security in the name of some mythical fear. Just as we can thank the left for exposing all forms of anti-terrorism efforts in the name of another mythical fear: our government spying on innocent citizens. When all the pols have is scary stories to offer up for their risky behavior, I think we have to look to new leadership if we hope to survive the next few years without incident.

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  1. ReidBlog says:

    Crazies making crazies…

    Here we go. The FBI blow-torch raid and arrests of the Karate Seven down here in South “Flaw-duh” has launched the right wing crazy boat online….

  2. Anticipating the Miami Terror Cell Presser…

    US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will give a press conference where he’s expected to give more details about the terror cell that was arrested late yesterday….

  3. crosspatch says:

    I think it is time we started finding more US soil on terrorists.