Jun 20 2006

Zarqawi’s Successor Possibly Killed

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Al Qaeda In Iraq was possibly dealt a major blow with the newly minted replacement for Zarqawi now a newly deceased past leader for the movement.  However, the latest news is possibly only a detention of some leaders.  More later in the day.  Hat tip Ed Morrissey.

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  1. Replacement Terror Leader Killed (Already)?…

    Via Captain’s Quarters, CENTCOM has reportedly announced that Sheikh Mansur, one of the Zarqawi’s successors, has joined his jihadi forebear in pushing up thistles….

  2. HaroldHutchison says:

    Wow… the U.S. military seems to be emulating Thomas G. Lanphier, Jr., this month.

  3. patch says:

    Being the leader of Al-Queda in Iraq is similar to being the head of the Mafia in NYC. The minute the media says that this is the new “godfather”, indictments and imprisonment are not far away.

    Same for the leader of Al-Queda in Iraq. You get named leader, you’re a target.

    No retirement benefits, what a crappy job.

  4. patch says:

    Hey HH,

    Great reference…worth the google…

  5. MerryJ1 says:

    So that’s the downside to musical bosses? Heh.

  6. MerlinOS2 says:

    This news came out right after the brutal deaths of the two missing soldiers.

    The Milblogs are all over this story.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Also, Austin Bay has a link from his site to a most excellent essay in the Washington Post by Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Iraq’s national security minister. There are a boatload of reasons to be impressed with this essay but the most important one is that you can see by reading it that Iraq is not being run by morons. This piece is impressive indeed.

    The Way Out of Iraq: A Road Map

    Iraqis don’t want us there in our current capacity any more than we want to be there. They are developing a plan to allow us to turn the running of the country over to them. I say we should allow the Iraqis to do it their way as long as they are making progress. People who would shout “quagmire” should remember that these government ministries have only had leadership for all of two weeks. All I am saying is give common sense a chance.

  8. ivehadit says:

    Yes Crosspatch. And I have found it amazing how the dems have held the Iraqi’s who were so abused to such a standard.

    Abused women (who the dems love to use for political purposes) take lifetimes to overcome their mindsets and learn to defend themselves…

    The Iraqi’s are amazing, imho.

  9. They’re Gonna Need Another Number 2…

    With Zarqawi gone, al Qaeda spent a few days trying to figure out who should replace him. Well, in that time, coalition forces in conjunction with Iraqi forces rolled up hundreds of insurgents and terrorists operating across Iraq including a number o…..

  10. Rob says:

    Now I am hearing the proper gracious appreciation of the stand up guys in these contries that are also fighting the war on terror with us. It is simple common sense that there is so much fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan because someone is resisting the Al Qaeda and other terrorists. These people have been targeted as much as we have since Al Qaeda started this terror war on us; only more so. Recognise the problems to be sure, but recognise the simple courage of people all over the world who are fighting on our side.