Jun 20 2006

Murtha, Kerry See Defections In Iraq Plan

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Rep. Murtha, Sen Kerry and many other simplistic Democrats in Congress have been calling for a retreat re-deployment of our forces to Okinawa and other safe havens. This would enable other braver nations to go into Iraq and take bullets for us in order to finish the job there. In a blow to that plan before it is even voted on here in the US, Japan has decided to move its forces to Okinawa first:

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has officially ordered Japan’s 550 non-combat troops to come home from Iraq. The announcement brings an end to a mission that has divided his country. Although no timetable was given, it is expected that the withdrawal will begin at the end of this month.

The presence of Japanese troops, who were mainly engaged with the re-building of Iraq, has tested the limits of Japan’s pacifist post-war reconstruction. Some back home are suspicious that the government was persuaded by Washington to participate in the Iraqi operation.

It is not clear whether the Japanese soldiers were redeployed to protect Okinawa from Murtha’s raiders as well as a pre-emptive act to get out of Iraq before they were left high and dry by the retreating American forces.

In other news, Kerry was rumored to be in negotiations with the UN and Annan for the UN peace keeping forces to take over control of Iraqi security. Many Iraqi women were fearful of an army full of blue-helmeted Son’s-Of-Hussein roaming the streets looking for a ‘little fun’. Odds were, with Kerry handling the negotiations, the UN Security council would vote for and against the plan. Experts are not sure exactly what that means, but the career diplomat core felt it would be a sign of progress.

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  1. For Enforcement says:

    Besides, even if Japan moves their forces to Okinawa, they can move them” quickly” back into Iraq if needed. The thing I guess I’m having the toughest time understanding, it is clear that the Dems want America to lose the war. Surely there are some on their side that see this as a “bad” thing. As you said they are getting hysterical to be the “one” to get the recognition as the person that came up with the surrender plan first. I see this kind of thinking and actions as the reason America will never put our security into their hands. The only reason they got it before with Clinton is the cold war ended and that gave everyone a false sense of security and the gimme crowd thought it wasn’t necessary to worry about security anymore. But we know different now.

  2. az redneck says:

    Move over Scott Orr!

  3. Terrye says:

    I heard a report about this today and it seems the province where the Japanese are is pretty peaceful and so this is one of the first provinces that the Iraqis will take over by themselves.

    The Japanese have been good allies.

  4. Squiggler says:

    Where does Kerry get the authority to negotiate with the UN on behalf of the United States? I don’t understand this. I don’t recall him being appointed Secretary of State.

  5. Redeploy Murtha to Okinawa…

    The world is much too dangerous a place to tolerate those who willfully damage the morale and undermine the mission of our troops….

  6. pull says:

    I continue to fail to understand where the confusion is. These people keep playing the Vietnam war game and it is sickening. We had a clear cut mandate in Vietnam and this was deeply clouded over. Growing up, I thought the Vietnam war was for nothing… because of the propaganda from the Left. It never occured to me that the Vietnam war was the fault of the vicious Viet Cong who ruthlessly invaded the South. The truth is very unpopular with the Left.

    This war… is very clear cut. Where is the confusion? Are any of our troops really confused here? Okay, so the people of Iraq are mostly ungrateful. Of course they are and would be. Was that somehow unpredictable? We are doing good to a mostly evil people. But why? Is it the lack of finding WMDs that confuses us?

    Iraq is in the very center of the Middle East. It is sandwiched between two of our worst enemies, Syria and Iran. Iraq itself, WMD or not, was a bad enemy who had literally kicked out the UN team and made a mockery of all international Law and all common sense and conscience.

    Our global troop placement pre-Iraq was horrible. We were still set up for an invasion from the Ruskies. We had most of our valuable troops in the Muslim Holy Land, Saudi Arabia. Now, as Wolfowitz pointed out in Vanity Fair, we can have a sizeable troop placement in Iraq, instead.

    Further, these are real terrorists we are fighting. Iraq has not “created” fanatics. It is a viable excuse for fanatics to to go there… and they go there from around the world and get killed by our troops. How is that so hard to understand… unless you completely fail to understand the fact that Islamism is dead set against the United States and the Free World in general… and this powder keg is not going anywhere?

    This is a large part of the delusion of the Left. They tell themselves that the Islamists do not hate them. They tell themselves they are on the same side. They are on the same side, but the Islamists will kill them regardless.

    These people on the Left need to wake up and smell the roses — the modern free world. This is as good as it gets on the planet earth. Stop seeking its’ destruction and start appreciating what you have.