Jun 19 2006

Humans Killed For Potential Imperfections

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We have come to it at last.  People are killing humans because of a potential for imperfections.  Imperfections which are more than manageable in many cases:

More disturbingly, a London hospital applied to use IVF sex selection techniques to help couples with a family history of autism – by destroying all their male embryos.

There is no reliable genetic test for autism, but boys are more likely than girls to have the condition.

My children are like me – gloriously imperfect.  Instead of being some Stepford Child from Lake Wobegon, we all live outside the bell curve in some areas and smack dab in the middle in others.  Diversity creates new ideas and perspectives.  Those who have overcome some hardships remind the rest of us how to overcome our own shortcomings and challenges.

There is no perfection.  When my first daughter was born medicine had little chance of saving my twin daughters who would arrive a scant 14 years later. What was an unheard of miracle in the 1980’s is now a routine procedure.  Termination of life because something bad may happen in the future is the ultimate cowardice.  Who are we to decide no life is better than a life with some challenges?

What life is without challenges?  And who would even call such an existance ‘living’?

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  1. The Macker says:

    “Gloriously imperfect”- beautifully stated. Most people wouldn’t know a bell curve from a bell pepper and are afraid of not being “normal.” Doctors are now scaring young couples by “informing” them of everything that might be wrong with their baby during pregnancy. This is partly driven by the fear of lawsuits. It’s tough being a parent today.

    Thanks for the rational analysis.