Jun 21 2005

Last Call for Carnival of The Chillin’ #2

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OK, I know we are the Coalition of The Chillin’, but are we chillin’ too much? I know it is summer, you get off work, you grab a cold one and start chillin’…

Well there’s chillin’ and there’s Chillin’!

How about we try again and give everyone until Saturday 6/25/05 for submissions? If we do not get more than the TWO submissions we got for the first call I will punt on this carnival for a while (OK, Viking Pundit has a candidate post – he just hasn’t submitted it yet!).

Enjoy the summer days and the Durbin doldrums…

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One Response to “Last Call for Carnival of The Chillin’ #2”

  1. Decision '08 says:

    Ever More Quick Shots: What Goes On Here?

    AJStrata’s got the last call for all you Chillers that want to go to the Carnival…