Jun 12 2006

Self Centered Journalists

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*** You know Jay at Stop The ACLU is going to have something interesting to a say on this – check it out ***

You want to know why the ACLU and its media partners want to end the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program and NOT identify terrorists in the US who are in contact with their masterminds overseas? You are not going to believe the answer (and yes, it involves money):

The parties in the ACLU lawsuit, who include journalists, scholars and lawyers, say the program has hampered their ability to do their jobs because it has made international contacts, such as sources and potential witnesses, wary of sharing information over the phone.

So, the reason we lowly Americans should risk another 9-11 attack is to make life easier for the lazy bums to make a buck? Who says the left doesn’t have their priorities straight on national security. Trial lawyers Uber Alles! So what if it means a few dead people?

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  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    Self Centered Journalists.

    Tsk Tsk Tsk AJ

    Usually you are not redundant!

    Walking to the corner of the room while whisteling to myself some catchy tune.