Jun 10 2006

AQ Snuff Films In Haditha

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In a previous post I postulated how Haditha was actually an AQ set up, using real live people instead stunt doubles for the death scenes. Reader SBD has noted other times where Marines have had video recordings of bombing attacks in Haditha (From previous post’s comment section):

Marine Corps Times October 24, 2005 Monday

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HEADLINE: Around the CorpsBODY: Iraq RCT–2 links car bomb to video evidence Members of Regimental Combat Team 2 found a video camera in the possession of three men stopped at a vehicle checkpoint northeast of Haditha, Iraq, on Oct. 12, according to a 2nd Marine Division news release. Minutes later, a similar white, four–door sedan approached the checkpoint. U.S. forces guarding the checkpoint used hand and arm gestures to signal the vehicle to stop, but the car continued to accelerate toward the checkpoint, even after warning shots were fired, according to the release. The vehicle detonated shortly after the first shots were fired, killing the driver.

When the video camera was inspected, it yielded several minutes of footage showing one of the men from the first sedan speaking to the driver of the car that detonated. The Marines said videotaping suicide car bombings is an insurgent propaganda tactic used to spread fear and intimidate Iraqi citizens.

Earlier, Iraqi Security Forces discovered an insurgent propaganda center in Haditha. The site raided by Iraqi forces included “numerous prepared al–Qaida in Iraq compact discs and audio tapes, three computers, several printers, banner makers, multi–disk copiers and thousands of [blank] disks and tapes,” according to an Oct. 10 Stars and Stripes newspaper report.

Which is more likely: Marines go on a rampage but no one reports abouts it for months, or AQ kills people of their propaganda snuff films? Since we know AQ will bomb and behead on video, seems the track record is clear which is the more likely scenarion.

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