Apr 09 2013

Stumbling, Bumbling Into 2014

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Looks like Team Obama is going to have an Obamacare headache come 2014, thanks in no small part to the fact government solutions are always costly, always delayed and always much less than promised. One thing the left has never realized is that their obsession with government run solutions is their greatest political Achilles’ Heel. Once they get a chance to implement these Rube Goldberg schemes, the reality hits and it hits hard. Obamacare is just the latest, biggest example of government intruding where it can only make things worse.

I mean, the Kool Aid had to be really potent the day they created this plan, and concluded it would reduce cost and increase benefits:

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No surprise, we find out this slow moving disaster is starting to play out – as expected.

Let me try to understand this: the key incentive for small businesses to support Obamacare was that they would be able to shop for the best deals in health care superstores — called exchanges. The Administration has had three years to set up these exchanges. It has failed to do so.

There has also been the studied inattention to the myriad ineffective job-training programs scattered through the bureaucracy. There have been the oblique and belated efforts to reform Head Start, a $7 billion program that a study conducted by its own bureaucracy — the Department of Health and Human Services — has found nearly worthless. The list is endless.

Yes, the President has faced a terrible economic crisis — and he has done well to limit the damage. He has also succeeded in avoiding disasters overseas. But, as a Democrat — as someone who believes in activist government — he has a vested interest in seeing that federal programs actually work efficiently. I don’t see much evidence that this is anywhere near the top of his priorities.

And the Dems are starting to realize they will pay a price:

Delays in implementing popular pieces of ObamaCare are hurting it with Democrats.

Ahead of an election year in which Republicans promise to make healthcare an issue again, Democrats are criticizing the White House for delaying policies that could help build support for the unpopular law.

Democrats complained this week about a one-year delay in a key program designed to help small businesses — a central selling point for the healthcare law that now won’t be in place when voters head to the polls next year.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) told The New York Timesthe delay will “prolong and exacerbate health care costs that are crippling 29 million small businesses.”

And people wonder why the jobs are drying up? Most entry level jobs are now not even full time, thanks to Obamacare. Young people need to find TWO part time jobs to make ends meet as they begin their career paths. The unemployment rate for the upcoming generation of American workers is criminal:

22.9%: The unemployment rate for Americans under age 25, adjusting for the decline in the labor force since the start of the recession.

Nearly a quarter of this new generation is struggling to start their lives. And all of the blame can be laid at the feet of the administration that blows trillions of dollars a year, racking up mountains of debt, and producing an economic disaster in return. The only thing really mind boggling is any headline that still uses the word ‘unexpectedly‘. Just as I knew the minute the stimulus package was passed in 2009 it would never work (due to the snail’s pace and waste of government spending), I knew when Obamacare was passed it too was doomed from the start.

Here’s my post from Feb 2009 the day the stimulus bill passed:

Spendulus has passed. America as seen the largest theft of money by ideologues in its history. No war ever caused this to happen. And the so called ‘stimulus bill’ has very little real stimulus in it. What there is is not enough to turn the economy around, and the spending doesn’t really kick in until the summer of 2010 – at which time the mood of the country should be just about right to evict the Dems from Congress and repeal this mess before it can do the long term damage the CBO predicts it will do.

Seems like 2014 might be looking like a rerun of 2010 mid terms.  Sadly, it is not because the GOP is doing anything right, but because the Dems keep putting all their bets on big government.


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  1. OldSarg says:

    Hate to be a burden but post more often. I really enjoy them.

  2. dbostan says:

    The repubics are such a big disaster, nothing will count.
    The country is going down if we don’t clean the GOP, pronto.

  3. ivehadit says:

    Unfortunately, the best way to combat this regime is to DO NOTHING. They like to play the “Pitcher Meet Catcher” game. They desperately need an “enemy” to play their game. If the republicans sit quiet, which they are doing, it drives the left bonkers. AND FORCES THE PUBLIC TO ACKNOWLEDGE WHO IS IN CHARGE…and to hold THEM accountable.

    I would ask all to SUPPORT republicans now not bash them. These are very tough Alinsky times and we have to play smart…straight from the Alinksy playbook. For the Left which includes the Media have been successful (for now) in smearing, mocking and isolating republicans. We should not participate in that.

  4. OldSarg says:

    ivehadit: You are right.

  5. dbostan says:

    You mean supporting RINOs, like McCain or Grahamnesty or, more recently, Toomey who back-stab the Constitution and the people of this country?
    If you support them how will they change or be defeated?
    The goal is to stand for the Constitution as the best defender of our freedoms and our country, not to accept all the BS from the temporary politicians who think only of themselves.

  6. Frogg1 says:

    Rand Paul engaged Howard University with an excellent speech and Q&A. So, not everything is going badly for Republicans.


  7. ivehadit says:

    Support as in not bash. Just sit tight.

  8. Redteam says:

    I agree with you, ivehadit. The alternative to Dimocrats is Republicans. There is not another party. The Tea Party is only the conservative wing of the Repubs, whereas Grahamesty and McPain are the stupid side of the party. We have to support the good guys and hope the stupid side doesn’t hurt us too much.

  9. dbostan says:

    The problem is the stupid wing of the GOP is in charge and it hurts the COUNTRY and the party itself.
    While hurting the party is not a huge deal, hurting the country is.
    For over ten years now, I see no signs of improvement in the GOP.
    Especially after the drubbing they got in 2006, 2008, 2012.
    The country can not wait for stupidity to subside inside the GOP.

  10. patrioticduo says:

    Imagine if all of you that were hovering over the McCain/Palin check box in 2008 had voted third party then? Imagine if all of you that had hovered over the Romney/Ryan check box had voted third party then? We were going to lose those elections anyway so you all wasted the chance to send a strong message to the GOP. Instead, you all shuddered and pulled the lever for the RINO’s. And now you wonder why the party is the basket case that it is? If you keep voting for party instead of principle then you’re not going to get the principled candidates or party that you want. The GOP is in death throes now because of voters that can’t step outside of the party line vote. You’re all no different to the very GOP establishment that you complain about. If you don’t vote for libertarian principled candidates then you’re going to get statists instead. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democratic or Republican, they’re STATISTS and you keep voting for them.

  11. patrioticduo says:

    But don’t worry, the 2014 elections give you yet another chance to start voting on principle instead of party line.

  12. joe six-pack says:

    Socialist economic policy yielding socialist economic results.

    As you mention in your article, no surprise.

  13. Redteam says:

    PatrioticDuo: “Imagine if all of you that were hovering over the McCain/Palin check box in 2008 had voted third party then? Imagine if all of you that had hovered over the Romney/Ryan check box had voted third party then?”

    While I might agree about McPain, (he didn’t stand a chance) I don’t agree about Romney, but only because he actually did stand a chance to win (without voter fraud he would have won) and ANYONE in the world would be preferable to BHO. I didn’t “shudder and pull the lever for the RINO’S” I made a conscious decision that Romney was superior to Obama. I don’t know who is going to run next time, but the Dimocrats only got what they did because they had a black guy on the ballot. People did not vote his ‘politics’ they only voted for ‘race’.

    You said: “If you don’t vote for libertarian principled candidates then you’re going to get statists instead” I think you would agree that Ron Paul was the strongest ‘libertarian’ candidate this time around and he’s a fruitcake (politically speaking). Surely you would advocate that a vote for him would have been a show of some great ‘standard’?

  14. patrioticduo says:

    So I guess you believe the mass media line (also pushed by the GOP establishment) that Ron Paul is a kook. Probably you haven’t read any of Dr Paul’s books or researched any of his positions. And what about Gary Johnson, did you exclude him because we just had to have someone get over the line instead of Obama? If you vote GOP, you’re just voting for the minor branch of the Party of Statism.

  15. dbostan says:

    By the way, all the data points to a major catastrophe in the works.
    Gold drops like a rock, terrorism in Boston on “Patriots day”, the economy is in the toilet and all the insider info points to false flags to be used for internal clamping on internal opposition…
    Be safe, be alert.

  16. Redteam says:

    Patrioticduo: you said:
    “So I guess you believe the mass media line (also pushed by the GOP establishment) that Ron Paul is a kook. ”

    Actually I’m not a fan of the mass media, they’re all “progressives’ and I don’t pay attention to them.
    My opinion of Ron Paul was formed from listening to him talk. He’s a fruitcake. (He does have some good points, but not nearly enough to overcome his nuttiness) Gary Johnson was never a consideration.

    I heard Rush Limbaugh say back about ’92 that the difference between the Dims and Repubs were that the Dims wanted the country to tank right now, and the Repubs want the same thing but just a few more years down the road. That still seems to be true. I don’t have an answer, but I know that Ron Paul AIN’T it. (just as BHO is not it) I can’t support any politician that supports the proposition that the US military should only be in the US. In fact, the US military should only have support forces in the US and all the peace keeping elements should be around the world. Anyone that thinks the military should be downsized as a budget measure (including BHO) do not have my support. I would advocate growing the defense forces of the US.

  17. Frogg1 says:

    There’s no end to it…..

    Nation’s Biggest Movie Theatre Chain cuts workweek, Blaming Obamacare

  18. Frogg1 says:

    This is interesting. If true, the Toomey/Manchin gun background check bill is actually a trojan horse for gun rights (according to the pro 2nd amendment group that helped draft it). Atleast that is what Alan Gottlieb, Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation, indicated.


  19. patrioticduo says:

    How come I hear that the Toomey/Machin bill was written by Schumer’s office? The disinformation is overwhelming.

  20. Frogg1 says:

    Yikes! Obamacare loosing unions who previously supported it now that they see the consequences:

    Roofers union calls for Obamacare’s repeal