Feb 25 2013

Call President “Chicken Little’s” Bluff

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The Obama White House has been trying to scare everyone into robbing future generations’ livelihoods through massive deficit spending now that these future generations will be saddled with paying back later. Unless this administration forces this generation to stop stealing the incomes of today’s elementary and preschool kids –  in other words live within their means – we will have become the cruelest, greediest generation of all American history.

We will be the American nightmare.

That is what the sequestration ‘debate’ is all about – how much money in deficit spending do we leave behind. Because Obama, Pelosi and Reid have been credit-card spending like a drunken teenagers. The madness is sickening and the results to date shocking.

Especially all those Democrats on the Sunday shows crying “we need to do this for the children!”

No we don’t need to steal from our kids and waste their life’s incomes. We did not before in our long history, and we do not need to now.

We need to cut spending and stop the pillaging of our kids lives.

And let me give everyone a hint about what is being said across the halls of government as everyone ponders the impacts of sequestration – because the same message is being sent out everywhere.

Government workers will not be impacted!

Got that? No government employees will be impacted by spending cuts. Even if the programs those government workers oversea realize huge cuts, they won’t be among them.

Which is why I say go through with sequester, let every civil servant keep their paycheck and benefits (no matter how screwed up their related programs are) and put all the burden on the tax payers and private industry.

That is political suicide for the Democrats.  And of course they won’t do that. Which means all the scary stories won’t come to pass if the Democrats want to hold onto power.

So call the bluff. The GOP needs to grow a spine, and the Democrats have to decide what they can afford and not. If the GOP wilts now – screw ’em.


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  1. Mike M. says:

    Sorry AJ, but serious impact is EXACTLY what everybody in the Department of Defense civilian workforce is looking at.

    Obama snookered the Republicans in the sequester. 50% of the cuts were to come from 19% of the budget…$40 billion, taken from the $550 billion Defense budget.

    Except that active-duty pay and benefits can’t be cut. That’s $150 billion of the DOD budget. So the $40 billion has to be taken from the $400 billion of operations, maintenance, procurement, research, and development. But we’re already halfway through the fiscal year, so the $40 billion has to come from the ~$200 billion left.

    That’s a 20% cut. We’ve already been warned to expect to be put on a 32-hour week without overtime. Hard when you’re accustomed to a 40-hour week. Harder still when you were routinely working 45 hours or so.

    This business is likely to cost me at least $15,000 out of my pocket. So don’t tell me there’s no impact.

  2. AJStrata says:

    Mike M – I believe the post states civil servants will not be hit. What I see are threats, not actions.

    I agree the GOP got snookered, but if they back down and compromise now, they will pay a huge price, the deficits will still be mounting and the Democrats will walk away without a mark.

    Once sequester hits, the Dems will realize the political price they just paid….

    I doubt it lasts 6 weeks.

  3. Phil-351 says:

    DOD is the only department that will take a serious hit in Seques-aggedon. And, will take a hit, even if the Congress can reach a budget aggreement. The rest of the Gov’t? Less than 2% of thier budget will get cut. To put that in perspective, every wage earner in America got hit with a 2% wage cut on January 1st when the Social Security Tax Holiday expired.

    The President is waging a nightmare scenario that any good executive could easily mitigate with no pain facing a small 2% cut in revenue. Furloughed workers? Cops and teachers getting fired? Really? Over a small 2% cut? If the Gov’t would cut loser grants like those to Solyndra and stop sending so much research money to study the ‘Migration of the Russian Spotted Owl Across Asia’, he’d find his 2% cuts with hardly anyone getting hurt.

  4. Mike M. says:

    Phil, that’s what infuriates me. We over in DOD are getting formal warnings from our supervisors (and I don’t mean the political class, but the ordinary management) to expect to be put on a 32-hour work week as of early April.

    With a proportionate reduction in income.

    And yes, Obama sold the GOP a bill of goods…which will allow him to pretend to be a defense hawk when he’s really anything but.

  5. joe six-pack says:

    I can see where there will be some pain, in the DOD.

    What is of concern as well is that President Obama will ensure that ANY and ALL cuts are the most visible. Just look at what they are doing with the release of those prisoners. This may backfire, but can anyone think of any situation where President Obama did NOT double down on his campaign on ANY issue?

    President Obama is going to attempt to really make America pay for going against his will.