Jun 07 2006

Alert: CIA Transported Terrorist

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Geez,  When will the media and their leftwing zealots stop leaking national security information for petty political points?  Anyone could figure out  that terrorist suspects are detected and captured all over the world and need to be transported from around the world.  I mean – duh!  So why does the press need to go out and expose the details and risk people’s lives?  Who knows why, but it is clear from the EU report that Dana Priest’s WaPo article (and subsequent Pulitzer) were based on exaggerations at best:

The head of an investigation into alleged CIA secret prisons in Europe said Wednesday that evidence suggests planes carrying terror suspects stopped in Romania and Poland and likely dropped off detainees there.

Swiss Sen. Dick Marty’s final report, however, offered no clear, direct proof that CIA detention centers were set up in Europe – an allegation made by a human rights group last year.

Priest doesn’t understand the difference between temporary holding or a safehouse and a ‘Gulag styled’ prison.  Probably because she was focused on the previous use of a building verses modern day necessities in fighting terrorists.  Now the EU is supposedly up in arms because we have partners in the War On Terror:

Marty said Romania was part of what he called a “renditions circuit” and was used as a stopover by CIA-linked planes carrying terror suspects. He also said an airport in Poland was likely used as a detainee drop-off point, and accused a total of 14 European countries, including Britain, Italy and Germany, of violating human rights in connection with CIA activities.

But all they did was put targets on the backs of people flying in and out of specified airports in their report.

In his report, Marty put airports in Timisoara, Romania, and Szymany, Poland, in a “detainee transfer/drop-off point” category, together with eight airports outside Europe.

Talk about having tunnel vision. In an lame attempt to try and intimidate the US and our allies, all this did was give Al Qaeda the perfect target list and excuse for retribution.  Al Qaeda can now bomb the daylights out of these cities and countries and claim it is payback for torture (which has only been claimed and not proven).  The EU is just not understanding what the implications are in this report.  It will not change our efforts, just our tactics.  But it does put a lot of people into harms way.

Hope you can live with that Dana Priest and WaPo.  What you accomplished was not outing a secret prison system, but the transport process for highly dangerous people that many other highly dangerous people want to attack and destroy.  You did not hurt Bush’s election prospects one iota.  You just put targets on a lot of innocent people’s backs.  Actions do have repercussions.  Coddle your Pulitzer and pray it doesn’t come with a price in blood and suffering.

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4 Responses to “Alert: CIA Transported Terrorist”

  1. MerlinOS2 says:

    Yuppers, and strangely this is the same media that practiced god awful handwringing of how the outing of Ms. Wilson was going to cause such linked damage that the world would self destruct in thirty seconds..cue the mission impossible theme.

  2. carol johnson says:

    This is terrible news. How now can we expect or ask other allies to stand with us in this war, if our press and these stupid human rights groups constantly undermine us at every step. I hope Dana Priest chokes on her pulitzer. It comes with a terrible price.


  3. Terrye says:

    I wonder if it has ever occured to any of these morons that this just makes it more likely these people will be shot.

  4. crosspatch says:

    There is some interesting stuff out that picks some of Time’s reporting on the “secret prisons” apart. Read Accuracy In Media’s June A report. Read the NYT stuff if you want (it’s good too) but past that in the report is some nice digging onto Time’s reporting on the prisons issue.

    June A Report