Jun 07 2006

Anne Coulter Needs To Keep Quiet

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Ed Morrissey has noticed a another Anne Coulter disaster-gaffe in her interview with Matt Lauer promoting her new book (which I will not be reading):

LAUER: On the 9-11 widows, an in particular a group that had been critical of the administration:

COULTER: “These self-obsessed women seem genuinely unaware that 9-11 was an attack on our nation and acted like as if the terrorist attack only happened to them. They believe the entire country was required to marinate in their exquisite personal agony. Apparently, denouncing bush was part of the closure process.”

“These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by griefparrazies. I have never seen people enjoying their husband’s death so much.”

Ed Morrissey rightfully compares Anne to Ted Rall, one of the most despicable people on the planet. I don’t know what happened to Anne, but she is a walking disaster for conservatives. I was at CPAC when she made her disasterous comment about Ragheads. That was a horror too. At a time we need moderate Muslims to stand by our side and resist the Islamo-fascists Anne detonated a mega-ton stink bomb. Personally I doubt she should ever come back to CPAC. Because we don’t need Begala-Carville-Rall clone, we need all those Muslim-Conservatives groups that set up their tents at CPAC for a week showing solidarity.

I have no problem with anyone speaking in this country – it is their right. And they definitely deserve the right to be respected when speaking from conviction and painful experience, and not slandered and hurt in this way. Anne Coulter is no Conservative. She cannot be. Either that or I am no conservative. There is no way to condone such cruelty. Anne, sit down and just don’t talk anymore. You have done enough damage.

Addendum:  The 9-11 widows respond to Coulter’s disgraceful comments:

Contrary to Ms. Coulter’s statements, there was no joy in watching men that we loved burn alive. There was no happiness in telling our children that their fathers were never coming home again. We adored these men and miss them every day.

It is in their honor and memory, that we will once again refocus the Nation’s attention to the real issues at hand: our lack of security, leadership and progress in the five years since 9/11.

There is much more, so please read the entire response.

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  1. AJStrata says:


    What you said is not what Anne said – and I have no problem with what you said. And Anne did not specify the 5 jersey girls, she let it stay generic. And Anne has no right to say the are happy with their husband’s deaths. It is a childish attack at best,

    Like I said – if that is what you consider fair game, your not my kind of human being. What you said so far is fine. How far are you willing to sacrifice your morales and credibility for Anne Coulter – who is simply out trying to make as much money as she can?

  2. For Enforcement says:

    We will create the Politics With Class party

    and their slogan would be?
    Politics With Class and Without a Clue

  3. AJStrata says:


    Your one insult away from being banned. I will deport you from this site if you cannot control yourself.

  4. bloodyspartan says:


    No extreme is any good unless pure logic tells us so.
    But I grant you the point. But how to define extreme? AH

    Cartoons showing Dead Iraqis blaming marines, not a pissing contest.


  5. For Enforcement says:

    you said

    As for the Pat Buchanan Republicans, I hope you do find more “conservative” sites than this one … I hope you find lots more. Really, I do. Honestly. Please. That group got 0.4% of the popular vote in 2000. We need Pat to run every year as far as I am concerned. It will keep those people busy.

    In fact, they are so rare, I’ve don’t know one and don’t think I’ve read anything any of them have to say, so don’t really know what they believe.

  6. For Enforcement says:

    Crossp, think you’ll mature enough to do this?

    If we all agreed it might be a bad sign. I just wish we could disagree in a more mature manner

  7. For Enforcement says:

    CrossP, you said

    “I was born after Truman but if every there was a Harry Truman in my time,”
    “The most successful people in history have been people who knew how and when to compromise”

    Do you have any idea how many people wanted him to compromise on the issue of dropping the Atomic Bomb. Thank God he DID NOT

  8. For Enforcement says:


    Your one insult away from being banned. I will deport you from this site if you cannot control yourself.

    Left by AJStrata on June 8th, 2006

    It’s not clear to me what you consider an insult, it seems that if I lift a quote or make a quote that proves you are wrong, that you consider it an insult.

    Like somebody just above said, do you or do you not believe in free speech. Is your answer to ban people that you disagree with? I think you post some of the things you do just to create controversy, If you just want an Amen corner, feel free

    You can’t see the hypocricy of Saying Ann Coulter should keep quiet because she attacks the Jersey Girls for being political. If they are victims, do you think it is alright for them to use their victimhood to bash Bush?

    I will say that, I try not to attack anyone personally, just as a defense when I’m being attacked.

  9. For Enforcement says:

    AJ, oh this is what you consider an insult
    you said:

    “We will create the Politics With Class party”
    and I said:
    “and their slogan would be?
    Politics With Class and Without a Clue ”

    So it is fine to insult people and say they have no class? but me adding “without a clue IS an insult?

    Do you recognize this?

    Debate doesn’t include implying the opponent has no Class, does it?

  10. Mike says:

    You need to get a GRIP! Ann is Right on, she just has the Balls to Say it! I call it being Direct!

    Think about it, Enjoying their Husbands’ Death, to paraphrase!! Did she say they were happy that their husbands were dead, NOOOOOOOOO! But to deny that they are using their circumstances to make political statements, enjoy their notoriety is a Damn LIE! I equate them to Cindy Shit Head!

    Do I feel sorry for this woman and the Joisey Girls, yes, but Cindy Shithead has disgraced Casey, who was a Patriot and gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country, as well as her family and this country!

    As I started this I shall end it, GET A F….king GRIP!

    Think about it!

  11. Mike says:

    This says it much better than I:

    “Among the activist leaders of 9/11 families’ groups it is safe to say that Debra Burlingame – whose brother, Charles, was the pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon – is not a uniformly popular figure.

    Ms Burlingame, a staunch Democrat, has become the first public 9/11 “dissident” – a vocal critic of the “blame game” being played over the al-Qaeda attacks – and an unlikely defender of George W Bush. For good measure, the outspoken former lawyer describes some of the bereaved 9/11 families as America’s “rock stars of grief”.

    “I’ve practically been thrown out of meetings,” she says. “They’ve gotten very angry with me. But I’ve decided it’s very important that another voice is heard in the September 11 debate.”

    Charles “Chic” Burlingame piloted the doomed American Airlines Flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon minutes after the twin towers of the World Trade Centre were struck. Since suffering the loss of her brother, Debra Burlingame has undergone an extraordinary and traumatic political education.”


    Game, Point, Match! U R waaaay out in LEFT Field!

  12. For Enforcement says:

    Did he ever get it right,
    Quoting David Horowitz on the Bill O’Reilly show

    “Ann Coulter is a national treasure”

    David, you da man

  13. jasontoon says:

    As a lefty, I just want to encourage Ann Coulter and all her followers to really get out there and speak their minds, let the American people know what their brand of conservatism is really all about. Nothing could be better for the Democrats this fall and in ’08. Thanks!

  14. Mike says:


    Only if you’ll promise to have Hitlary Front and Center every day!